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Am I off conditional discharge?
I was sentenced to conditional discharge on September 9th of last year. I called the court today and the court administrator said that the judge signed off on my "end of probation form" on the 14th. She said they don't usually send any paper forms showing it. But I requested for one, and she said she would send it to my mailbox. Does that mean I am off probation? No more drug tests? Although I only had one test back in October, I don't have to come into any possible "final" drug tests? Even if they requested I do one, I don't have to come in because the court administrator already said the judge signed off on it over a week ago. It's an issue because I am at college and I am far too busy to make the long trip. So am I good?
Yes, you are good. The judge dismissed charge after successfully completing the conditional discharge program. You may...
Is alcohol tested in urine or mouth swab tests on conditional discharge?
I am 18 years old and I received conditional discharge for possession of marijuana. I have to go in for random drug tests, so I am wondering if alcohol is tested. I haven't smoke marijuana in over 2 months, so I'm clean. But I drank alcohol last Friday. My drug test is tomorrow but I'm not sure if it's a mouth swab or urine test. It's been about 6 days since I last drank and I am not a very heavy drinker. Will I be okay or not? And I will not be drinking anymore after this.
Generally most drugs tests are just that testing for illegal drugs in your system. That being said your order could...
I received a DUI ticket and a refusal ticket. I have a NJ license. would having an out of state license help get a conditional
license for work purposes? What states allow conditional licenses with refusals?
I'm not a New Jersey attorney but I doubt it. Florida allows a hardship license after 90 days on the first refusal and...
Father's daughter with drug addiction, drug use, criminal charges, 2 dui's and jail time get joint physical custody of baby?
I have a 13 week old daughter & In the beginning of the pregnancy I found out that her father was cheating on me prior to pregnancy and had gave me an std. During my 1st trimester he was using cocaine, drinking heavily & being mentally and emotionally abusive. I came home from work at the start of my 2nd trimester to all his things moved out. I moved forward by getting a house and trying to build a suitable home for our daughter all the while he was out partying with friends doing steroids.He asked me to take him back and I did & then he left again. Now he's back but he's talking about leaving again.I'm done this time but I worry about her safety with him. He has 2 dui's been arrested for possession, was in jail for a month, been to rehab for cocaine.will he be rewarded visitation?
Hello there, If this individual has this much criminal history and would be a danger to the child, they would be...
In the state of NJ is there anyway to get license back early from DUI convictions?
I was convicted of 3 dui's. My first one was in 2000, my 2nd and 3rd were in 2008 a month apart. Dec 2016 is 8 years I have not driven. I have 4 years left as I was convicted of 12 years, charged back to back. Since then I have been sober, work a program, I am of service and still work at the same job. I understand this is all hear say, but I wondered if I wrote to the judge or motor vehicle is it possible he/they could reinstate my driving privileges?
There is no provision that I know of that would allow you to get your driving privileges back before the suspension...
Is there a possibility that someone on Drug Court who ran from treatment twice would be permitted to return to treatment?
My girlfriend is on a second violation on Drug Court after absconding twice, from the same treatment program.
Anything in life is possible but the chances don't sound good, especially without a good lawyer advising her on what to...
3rd DUI in NJ with extreme circumstances. Had a full restraining order on a person who attacked me car was parked when police
Thanks for taking the time to review this. I'm in search of legal advice and most certainly WILL be retaining an attorney however I need some info prior to choosing one. So here is my story. 1st DUI is over 10 years old. Arrest 8/26/05 lost license 10/2005. 2nd DUI was 5/11/2011 lost license 7/2011. Upon getting my license back I had interlock and then removed it because I no longer needed it. I have a complex situation where I was separated from my husband and going through a divorce. I starting dating someone who was extremely abusive and destructive. The local police know him and have arrived for domestic situations often. After about a year of hell I decided to get a restraining order which was fully granted 11/20/15. I went to an establishment where I didn't know he was at, ordered a drink and went outside on 12/22/15. He followed me out and began to get abusive, took my phone and my drink and threw it. I decided to run to my car - he followed and got in my passenger seat. At this point I only had 1 drink. He wouldn't get out of the car so I brought him to his parents house and layed on the horn. He still wouldn't leave. I decided to drive to my husbands in hope for help. Then
1. Stop describing the facts in a public forum available to the police and prosecutor 2. Your question got cut off....