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Charged with felony DUI in Minnesota
I was just charged with felony DUI in Minnesota. I'm assuming that I'll be found guilty of the charges. My question is, if I plead guilty of the charges, is it possible to keep the felony conviction off of my record? I'm willing to do any treatment or DUI Court that's required to do this.
Contact an attorney right away to discuss. You shouldn't rely on this online forum for advice.
What are the consequences of receiving a second DWI charge while on probation?
I got charged with a fourth degree DWI six months ago and got recently charged with a third degree DWI while on probation. I managed to lower the first DWI to a careless driving but got sentenced to serve 10 days of STS and to complete a one-day DWI program. When I asked the officer what would happen if I refuse to take the breath test he told me that it was a crime and would be arrested. What options do I have in terms of the consequences? Do I have mandatory jail time? Also I do not own a car, I was driving another person's car and the plates of that car got taken away to be replaced with whisky plates, is there a way to avoid that as the car is not under my name and the owner has nothing to do with this case? Thank you very much for your help.
Well first off you are looking at a mandatory minimum of 30 days in jail (48 hours in and rest on EHM) if you are...
Can I be charged with dwi when I wasn't driving, but said I was.
Charged with dwi & test refusal. My boyfriend was driving, but I wasn't in the right state of mind & told them I was driving. I didn't refuse the test, i asked for a lawyer.
You can be charged if the prosecutor thinks there is probable cause that you committed a DWI and a test refusal. Your...
How long is the license plate impound period, in Minnesota, for 3rd DUI and cancelled drivers license, IPS?
No driving since 2014. Finally approved for restricted license, getting ignition interlock install ASAP. I thought license plate impound period was 1 year. Now, can't get a clear answer on how long my plate are impounded.
I'm not surprised that you can't get a clear answer on this issue, since the statute for plate impoundment is confusing...
Will first DUI in WI cause my MN license revoked?
Was arrested for first DUI in WI for . 10. My license is from MN and clean so far. I have charged and instructed to take occupational license for next 6 month. Will the charge be valid also in MN and have to apply occupation license?
Even though WI is not part of the interstate compact, I've seen many situations like yours where MN finds out about it...
Is it still possible for me to be charged with dui?
I ran a red light and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety test, but passed the breathalyzer. They did a blood test and I'm pretty sure it's going to come up negative. There may be cannabis on the blood test.
Yes, it is very possible that you can be charged with DWI. It's likely that a charging decision won't cine until the...
How can North Dakota suspend a license if you have already applied for and received a license from another state (such as MN)?
I recently was charged with a DWI. I was living in MN but had not switched to a MN drivers license and was still licensed in ND. After being arrested and released I was informed to pay my fines and retake my tests to receive my MN drivers license. This was completed within 4 days of my offense and I was licensed in MN with the condition that I have IID. Three months after my offense I now received a letter stating my ND license is revoked for 180 days even though I no longer hold a ND license and have not since the incident. Neither the MN nor ND DMV have been any help with the issue. If I do not have a ND license anymore can they still revoke my driving privileges? As of right now I drive with a valid MN license and IID system. Any help would be great! No one in this area has dealt with this issue in the past.
I'm guessing that you appeared in court and were convicted of the DWI. Then the conviction was sent over to ND and they...