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  • Lakewood police investigate 7-Eleven robbery: police...

    Sunday Jun 19 | via 

    Robbery, Hilliard Road: Police responded to a hold-up alarm at the 7-Eleven store, 16165 Hilliard Road, about 3:50 a.m. June 10. The clerk told police a man entered the store and demanded cash. The subject claimed to have a gun, but the clerk never saw one.


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  • Truck driver pleads guilty in deadly distracted driv...

    Tuesday Jun 14 | via WAVE-TV Louisville 

    A 23-year-old Washington State man pleaded guilty on Monday to charges stemming from a five-vehicle crash in Shelby County that left one person dead in 2015. According to a news release from Kentucky State Police, Miroslav Kuzmanovic of Lakewood, Washington was distracted by a hand-held device while driving a tractor trailer and failed to notice that traffic had slowed because of a stalled motorist on the shoulder on Interstate 64 in Shelby County.


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Got dui in Washington 8 yrs ago moved. Away missed court date I live all way on east coast how do I settle it without goin back
2nd offense-.159 bac -it has been 8years I have not had any dui or other traffic offenses n that time I do not have money to fly all the way back to settle this matter how can I take care of it and put it behind me so can get on with my life as I'm in school for radiology but cannot get internship at hospital as will not pass back round check
You will likely need to go back in order to handle the case. There is likely a warrant out for your arrest, so if you...
I got a DUI how will this affect a boating license?
I got a underage DUI and I haven't gone to court yet because my court date hasn't came into the mail. My church is having a youth group party at one of the member's house and he said I could ride around his jet ski if I wanted to. Since I don't have a boaters license I would have to get one and my question is how will this DUI affect the process? Am I legally not allowed to get a boaters license and ride around a jet ski?
You need to hire a local criminal defense attorney who can advise you about these issues.
If I was given a two year slow neg on November 30th 2012 is that considering my conviction date?
I got charged with a DUI but given a slow 2 year neg
No. Genr rally a "slow neg" is shorthand for a stipulated order of continuance: the parties agree that the matter will...
I need a deferment. So what's my option
Need to drive to make a living so hoping to use a deferment for any dui charge they give me. I used a deferment 12 years ago. Thing is it never went thru since old charge still shows on record. Do I have the deferment option still?
You only get 1 deferred prosecution for a DUI in your life time. We would have to sit down and look at your record to...
My boyfriend and I argued I was drunk and hit jim dont remember what happened, told the police he hit me and strangles me but it
My boyfriend and I argued I was drunk and hit jim dont remember what happened, told the police he hit me and strangles me but its not true, cops came later that afternoon &&took pic. Without my permission I dont want him togo to jail for my mistakes
Have him get an attorney that handles assault cases all the time and then he/she will be able to help and advise your...
How can I get my MIC charge dropped because the officer never asked or took a BAC?
I was walking home from a party, jumped up and slapped the stop sign and shortly after a cop stopped me because she heard the noise of me doing it. When stopped she handcuffed me and proceeded with questions on if i had been drinking, where I was going and coming from, how I was planning on getting home and the directions to my house. After questioning me she made me follow a pen with my eyes and then uncuffed me and had me call someone to come pick me up to take me home. When questioning me she never asked or tested for a BAC.
They don't have to prove your BAC. You are under 21, ANY amount of alcohol is illegal.
I have a CA license got a DUI in state of WA, DOL said I don not qualify for a restricted license.. How do I get one or what do
No previous offense, tickets etc. Clean record.. I am charged for refusing to take breathalizor, however I have documentation stating otherwise..
First, if it isn't too late, you challenge the DOL suspension of your license. Only after that challenge fails, and...