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My son has been spending $60/week on drug and alcohol counseling and the counselor keeps adding required sessions. He has tested negative on every drug test for the past year except the last one last week. He declined to take because he knew he would fail for marijuana. He only had two sessions left and now the counselor is telling him he will have to start the 12 week treatment all over again. Feels like a never ending vicious cycle even though I know he screwed up.. He was convicted of DUI with serious bodily injury on Dec. 29, 2012. And because of a probation violation (driving on a suspended license) he is not able to get his license back until 2015 anyways. Just curious if there is any type of statute for this if he does not finish and waits it out...if that is even option? Thx
the State gave your son a 2nd chance, and it appears that your son has violated his probation. There is no statute...
He did not blow this time and denying whole thing as he usually does. Him and I are still married with a lifetime restraining order, Before order was put on him against me he signed a paper giving me one of the cars for life. Because he made me lose my brand new car all paid of. Well since this dui he called my cell and left a message he is taking it off the road because of his dui! When he got the order against him on me I became disabled and he has done more damage to my back because I was healing from fusion still because of several forms of abuse including physical. This caused me to lose my home of 30 yrs bought without him and by me.Since this incident he has not helped me one bit waiting on ssd and won distric court hearing in july ex taking car of road now and i need to see my dr'
There's no clear question here. What is it you're asking of the forum?
and drove his car off a bridge pretty fast (significant damage) with witness of seeing beer in hand and three cold ones in cooler, on top of officers smelling it on him, but he never blew. And now taking it to trial. What do you think his charges will be if found guilty and what will he be facing. He wants to to take my car off the road now because of this ti save himself money, is this legal and what can I also do to stop this, it is not right! Thank you, Carol Tuttle
There is no way of answering that question without more information such as who is the judge, the state, defense...
DUI deputy pulled me over for having brights on. Asked me to step out vehicle and said he wanted a field test. I told him I couldn't due to my extensive injuries from severe accident, and he continued to make me preform tests. Then placed me under arrest. When doing the breathalyzer in the back of his truck (not portable) it stopped at .073 the deputy immediately shut machine off took the print out slip told me I was over double the limit and took me to jail. When I was released the next morning I looked at the ticket he wrote my BAC as .178. I'm not sure what to do now. He didn't observe me for the 20 minutes and he never did the second test to compare for accuracy
You definitely need to hire an attorney. Assuming your recitation of the facts is accurate, there is a multitude of...
i have a pending DUI charge in Pa that is expected to be knocked down to public drunkiness. i am now being charged in Fla for DUI.
It has to be a DUI conviction for it to count as your first. Reducing it down will not count as a DUI conviction.
I was scheduled for my initial arraignment today and when called to the stand I was told that they needed 2 more weeks for the state to decide if they were going to continue with prosecution. I was EXTREMELY cooperative with the entire arrest and told them how much I drank, where I drank and I also consented to a breathalizer and a field sobriety test and failed both. I can not see why they would need any more evidence to prosecute me. Is it possible they might drop the charges?
Perhaps the State Attorney's Office is still trying to determine what classification of DUI to charge your case as. For...
Got pulled over for careless driving and submitted to a field sobriety test and passed. I then was told that since I was under 21 and they could smell alcohol on my breath that I was legally required to take a breath test also. I blew only one time and it was .064 (the sheriff told me and I read it on the screen as well) he then wrote it down as .081 after keeping me waiting for 15 mins. and told me the number had continued to rise, when I told him it was incorrect. I requested a second breath test and he refused. Also I was chewing gum the entire time including while I blew, and was never asked to spit it out. Any tips on getting this suppressed? and since I passed the field sobriety test will the cop's word that he smelled alcohol on my breath be enough to convict me of a .02 infraction?
The best tip I can provide is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Best of luck to you. I hope you don'...