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My temp plates expired and I need to drive it to get emissions done in jefferson county what do I do
Starter went out and I already had an extention
This is a common sense question. It has a common sense answer. You cannot drive without valid plates.
Can i get a drivers licence in colorado if i have a suspended licence in texas?
I got a dwi in texas about 5 years ago and did all of my required courses and fees and ect. The one thing i could not do was pay the dwi surcharges with the dmv. $1000 a year for 3 years. Those 3 years have passed and now it's a total of $3000. Im living in colorado and i want to know if i can get a licence in this state with an expired, suspended licence in texas. I dont know if there are programs or acceptions or anything that may help me get a licence until i can afford to pay texas.
NO. You need to resolve the Texas license issue before you obtain a license in another state.
Removal of Interlock Device due to BAC test Refusal
I refused the breathalyzer and was charged with a DWI. In court I was offered and plead guilty to a Careless Driving violation. Given that I didn't get an alcohol related conviction, is there any means that I can get out of having to have an interlock device in my vehicle ?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
What would happen if I don't show up for court for my DUI in Ardmore OK? I get an arrest warrant would be issued but would they
come get me here in CO?
They probably will not come get you, but the local authorities can arrest you and hold you in jail for weeks while they...
What's the mandatory sentence for driving without permission
Hydro of a marine home from San Diego and we were taking shifts but I was under revocation and I got pulled over forI drove a marine home from San Diego and we were taking shifts but I was under revocation and I got pulled over for speeding it was in 200 5
I believe you are meaning to say mandatory appearance, not sentence. You need to contact a traffic/criminal attorney...
What to expect on sentencing date and what to take or not take with me. It is in Jefferson County CO
In a month I am going to sentencing and expected to get some jail time for a DUI (2nd) I know I should expect to be taken into custody that day after sentencing but what should or shouldnt I take. I want to take my phone so i have phone numbers and so i have it when i get out. I know I will turn in my stuff to the jail but will I get it back or whats the process? Do I take my wallet with ID and money? What about my contacts? I need to wear them to see but I also need my solution because i have to take them out at night. am I allowed them? i dont have glasses. I have never been to jail (went to detox on day of arrest) and im nervous and dont know what to expect. Any tips or advice on how it all pans out would be greatly appreciated. Thank
You'll have to check with the jail to find out what the Rules are regarding your possessions. I would suggest that you...
Do females go to a regular jail cell or halfway house for DUI sentencing in Jefferson County CO?
I recently took a guilty plea for DUI. It is my second in 5 years. When talking and going over everything with the DA I asked him how the booking working worked and where I would go. This is in jefferson county. He said I would stand in front of the judge and get sentenced then be taken into custody. He said I would be taken to a halfway house type of place. This took me by complete suprise. I asked why not a normal jail cell and he said they dont have one for jeffco. I know there is a jail but Im just trying to figure out if I will be going to a actual jail cell or halfway house. anyone know? He did say I could do work release. If I am at a halfway house what is the difference or what will be different about what I have to do or pay or get out for work? thanks!
Why do you doubt what the DA Told you? You have several questions which you should address with the halfway house.