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Can AND how can a felony dui be dropped to a misdemeanor???
just got 3rd dui. I blew .07, but i was on probation for my 2nd dui. I hit a pedestrian, but they only got a few stitches, so im only be charged with injury NOT GBI. If i get a felony, i will not be able to work in my profession therefore, I really need charge dropped to misdemeanor by any means.
this is not a funny situation you really need to put your act together and ask for public defender or use a lawyer for...
2nd DUI with bodily injury and Child Endangerment
Dad drove drunk with our children ages 3 and 6 at the time. This is his second offense DUI and as a result of the accident our daughter received a large laceration across her forehead. Our son was not in proper booster seat and our daughter was not properly strapped into her car seat. From what Ive read in the reports he also hit parked cars and driving in a car that was not his. What I would like to know if he's facing any jail time? He's also evaded the law from arrest and finally got arrested on a warrant last month. The accident happened in Nov and he was let out of jail on imperative reasoning. So Im trying to understand whats more likely to happen during the trial.
The bodily injury to others means that the DA can charge it as a felony offense. Particularly given the child...
Hello My name is Jaime I need to know the penalty for second DUI whit accident?
In November 2014 I had an accident in the fwy in which two cars were involved I was drunk and I left the place. I have my court date on February 10 and would like to know what 's the worst that could happen to me.
The key factors will be the extent of the injuries and the property damage sustained. I couldn't start to tell you...
Can I apply for citizenship with DUI conviction in 2008 and nolo contendere plea to a petty theft in 2010?
I got my GC 7 years ago thru my marriage to a USC. We ended in divorce a few years ago. I want to apply for citizenship, but I had DUI conviction in Sept. 2008 (completed all probation terms). In 2010, I pled nolo contendere to a misdemeanor charge (it was a petty theft <$400) that was later dismissed by the DA. Am I eligible to apply for the citizenship now? Will I run into any problem b/c of those criminal records? Thanks in advance.
my advice would be to get the certified criminal dispositions on all cases and take them to an experienced attorney for...
Will a single DUI disqualify me for Deferred Action?
I meet all required, clean record other than dui, been here 25 years can I apply for something else other than DA
First of all, this question would be better classified under immigration law. The details of the defered action...
Hello, I was sentenced to 96hrs of jail time in LA county jail on my 2nd DUI offense. How much time can I expect to do?
2nd DUI offense. Total sentencing is 96hrs of jail time in LA county and 25 days of volunteer work.
probably a day or two unless they bounce you out early for overcrowding.
IDD restricted with out a car? Exemption?
I got a first DUI a year ago, Im enrolled in the DUI Program. I have to pay my fees by august 2012 and have to complete DUI classes by august. As of now i don't have a license or a car but i need a license for work purposes. When can i get my license? How Do I put the IDD if i don't have a car? how does that work out? I heard that once i get my car i have to put the IDD for 5 mths? but how about if i wait the 5 mths out so i don't have to put the IDD in my car since i won't be driving ?
From the DMV website: "Individuals who do not own or have access to a vehicle can request an exemption from the IID...