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When can I get my license reinstated?
Refusal to submit breath test. Third dui in lifetime-1st within 10 years. The refusal charge was dropped with my guilty plea to 4th degree dui.
Sounds like it should be two years. You can probably get a license right away through the ignition interlock program.
Mn law allows you to be charged with dui, if you are charged with illegal possession of controlled substance, but...
since the controlled substance was actually, a perfectly legal prescription. cant i have both charges dismissed? they can only charge me with the dui, because of the supposed illegal possession(i even got the judge to admit that). so conversely, showing the script was actually legal, so there is nothing to warrant the dui charge, so it must also be dismissed. the officer will blame his "accidental mispelling" of the drug for the misunderstanding. and the UA i did at hospital came up negative for everything. given the info provided, is this just cause to motion for dismissal, of all charges? lets be clear, i am not asking "whether or not i should consult an attorney". i am asking, if my argument has any merit, if it does i will have too, retain consul.
Yes. If the urine test cane back negative, the prosecution will have an exceedingly difficult time proving its case....
Can I Drive in the state of Minnesota before my court date if I fulfill all my requirements including the interlock program
last DUI was in 2002
You will want to contact the DPS to verify your driving status before driving. You can also go on their website to...
Is there a specific time limit the officer has to perform the chemical test in a DWI arrest?
I have seen they have two hours to perform testing from supposed incident of driving. I was also told that the two hours does not have to be met. Somebody clear this up for me please?
In order to be charged with the crime of .08 or higher with two hours of Driving, they need to perform the test within...
Can someone explain to me how a search warrant is to be properly served when taking a blood test for DUI?
I dare not get into too many details. Let's just say the officer was way wrong in how he handled it. Should be grounds for dismissal.
You will have to call and talk with an attorney about this issue as it is very fact specific. There are many attorneys...
When arrested for DUI and have medical issues dont the police have to have you seen by doctor?
I got a DUI and also do to medical issues which i also had taken epi-pen earlier before the arrest, dont they have medical laws that need to be follow? For several hours I had told them and they did nothing. Was this right or did they do wrong? I have medical records that state I dont have to drink to breath in the machine to show it should be done by other means and they did not check my blood or anything. What can I do and do I have a case to go after the police?
Unfortunately this happens quirt a but in MN. I suggest you contact an experienced DWI attorney and they will guide...
Can NyQuil show up in a drug (UA) test? I've been sober for six months and tested positive the other day.
I had a UA (urine analysis) and tested positive even though I honestly haven't had a drink. I know you probably hear that a lot, but I can't think of anything other than NyQuil that might have caused the positive result. I just need to know if this is possible before I go insane!
Hello. Your question is incomplete. Many items that may be ingested do contain alcohol and will cause a positive...