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  • Mother charged with hiding her teenage daughters fro...

    23 hrs ago | via Daily Mail 

    Mother charged with hiding her teenage daughters from their father for 2.5 years 'hasn't seen them since she dropped them off at a horse ranch in April 2013' Samantha Rucki, 17, and Gianna Rucki, 16, ran away from their home in Lakeville, Minnesota, in April 2013 while their parents fought for custody Police think that the girls, who they said were healthy, were living with an underground network of family court critics The mother charged with hiding her teenage daughters from their father was allegedly with the girls for just four days when they first went missing, according to amended court documents. Gianna Rucki, 16, and her 17-year-old sister were found in Minnesota last month - more than two years after they were reported missing.


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  • David Rucki speaks of relief after his daughters Gia...

    Saturday Nov 21 | via Daily Mail 

    Father speaks of relief after daughters who ran away from home two years ago during custody battle are found safe in horse ranch 'run by an underground network of family court critics' Samantha Rucki, 17, and Gianna Rucki, 16, ran away from their home in Lakeville, Minnesota, in April 2013 as their parents fought for custody The father of two Minnesota girls found safe after being missing for more than two years says the family is 'ecstatic' the teenagers are back home. Gianna and Samantha Rucki of Lakeville, now 16 and 17 years old respectively, ran away from home in April 2013 as their parents battled each other for custody.


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  • Missing Teenage Sisters Found Safe on Minnesota Hors...

    Thursday Nov 19 | via People 

    Two, sisters who disappeared from their Lakeville, Minnesota, home in 2013 were found safe and sound on a horse ranch on Wednesday afternoon. Samantha and Gianna Rucki, ages 16 and 17 respectively, vanished in the midst of a bitter custody dispute between their parents, Fox 9 reports.


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  • Teen sisters who ran away from home two years ago am...

    Wednesday Nov 18 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: First footage of Paris attacks shows diners diving for cover as jihadist sprays cafe with bullets... and women he tried to kill at point blank range but who escaped because his gun jammed Republican defends her decision to wear an American flag hijab and says, 'I just wanted to show that Muslim Americans celebrate our patriotism, too' ISIS: 'The drink-can bomb we used to bring down Russian plane'. Gloating terrorists release picture of pineapple-juice device they claim was used to kill 224 people Even his own family wanted the Paris mastermind dead: He was privately educated and spoilt by his parents.


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  • Farmington Man Convicted of Killing 3 in DWI Crash i...

    Thursday Nov 12 | via KSTP 

    A man convicted of killing three brothers in an alcohol-related crash 10 years ago has been sentenced for drunk driving again. Thirty-three-year-old Boe Barlage of Farmington was arrested in May and charged with two counts of first-degree driving while intoxicated.


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  • Lakeville father charged in attempted suicide with 2...

    Friday Oct 30 | via TwinCities 

    A Lakeville father who authorities say tried to kill himself and his two young sons by carbon monoxide poisoning was charged Friday with two counts of attempted first-degree murder. Jay Anthony Ernst, 27, was arrested Thursday morning after a family member interrupted his suicide attempt and he fled with his sons, ages 2 and 4. Police issued an Amber Alert and arrested him three hours later on Interstate 35E in Burnsville.


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  • Lakeville dad tried to kill himself, 2 children, pol...

    Thursday Oct 29 | via TwinCities 

    Police arrested a father early Thursday after a family member found him in a Lakeville garage, apparently trying to kill himself and his two young children by carbon monoxide poisoning. Jay Anthony Ernst, 27, was arrested by Burnsville police after an Amber Alert was issued shortly before 4:30 a.m. His two children, boys ages 2 and 4, were in a vehicle with him at the time of the arrest, and they appeared to be unharmed, according to the Lakeville Police Department.


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Lakeville Law

Mn law allows you to be charged with dui, if you are charged with illegal possession of controlled substance, but...
since the controlled substance was actually, a perfectly legal prescription. cant i have both charges dismissed? they can only charge me with the dui, because of the supposed illegal possession(i even got the judge to admit that). so conversely, showing the script was actually legal, so there is nothing to warrant the dui charge, so it must also be dismissed. the officer will blame his "accidental mispelling" of the drug for the misunderstanding. and the UA i did at hospital came up negative for everything. given the info provided, is this just cause to motion for dismissal, of all charges? lets be clear, i am not asking "whether or not i should consult an attorney". i am asking, if my argument has any merit, if it does i will have too, retain consul.
Yes. If the urine test cane back negative, the prosecution will have an exceedingly difficult time proving its case....
Can I Drive in the state of Minnesota before my court date if I fulfill all my requirements including the interlock program
last DUI was in 2002
You will want to contact the DPS to verify your driving status before driving. You can also go on their website to...
Is there a specific time limit the officer has to perform the chemical test in a DWI arrest?
I have seen they have two hours to perform testing from supposed incident of driving. I was also told that the two hours does not have to be met. Somebody clear this up for me please?
In order to be charged with the crime of .08 or higher with two hours of Driving, they need to perform the test within...
Can someone explain to me how a search warrant is to be properly served when taking a blood test for DUI?
I dare not get into too many details. Let's just say the officer was way wrong in how he handled it. Should be grounds for dismissal.
You will have to call and talk with an attorney about this issue as it is very fact specific. There are many attorneys...
Can a title to a vehical be transfered to a family or a name added before Im charged with anything? DUI
Not yet charged but they are trying to forfite my car.
If it is the vehicle used in the offense, changing title after the fact to a family members is unlikely to stop a...
I have not been charged just yet with a DUI, but wondering if I can sell my car to my father or have his name put on it(title)
Or do I have to wait
Were you issued a plate impoundment notice and or vehicle forfeiture notice? If so then your options are limited....
When arrested for DUI and have medical issues dont the police have to have you seen by doctor?
I got a DUI and also do to medical issues which i also had taken epi-pen earlier before the arrest, dont they have medical laws that need to be follow? For several hours I had told them and they did nothing. Was this right or did they do wrong? I have medical records that state I dont have to drink to breath in the machine to show it should be done by other means and they did not check my blood or anything. What can I do and do I have a case to go after the police?
Unfortunately this happens quirt a but in MN. I suggest you contact an experienced DWI attorney and they will guide...