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Do I have grounds to take legal action against my employer after submitting to an unlawful drug test and passing it?
I texted my supervisor that I was going to be roughly 30mins late. I clock in and walk to my machine. Our HR walks up to me and says she needs to talk to me in her office. I sit down and am briefed. Apparently our dayshift supervisor found a small amount of marijuana hidden on the machine. I was then instructed to take a drug test at a clinic on the other side of town. Mind you there is currently 3 people that use this machine. 1 was on vacation and one was covering for him. So I take the urine test, get the results immediately and pass. I drive back to work and tell HR the results because they won't let me go back to work with out negative results. HR calls the clinic and verified the results. I then ask her is the other operators will be tested as well...she replied with any one who was using your machine will be tested as well. Week goes by and everyone is silent about the drug test results of the of other 2 employees. Finally I ask the dayshift supervisor (the one who found the marijuana) and he said no one else was tested. On top of that, he tells me that the day after I was tested, the employee that was covering for the other one smelled like marijuana and was not tested.
Legal action for doing what? Why do you think the drug test was "unlawful?" You have not been damaged. You have been...
1: Why is my Bench trial for CM/Conversation after my Hearing on violation of probation? 2: Should I expect jail time?
Conversation, driving on suspended license while on probation for IC35-48-4-1. Which I served jail time for. Also recently had Child and Social Services called on me. Long history of criminal offences.
Your hearing on probation violation may be continued until after the BT. If you have long history then its is possible...
How soon is your drivers license suspended after a arrest for a DUI.
I just got a call from my 24 yr old son last night that he was arrested for a DUI. He just graduated from college and has a good job. He was out celebrating with friends and made a bad choice about deciding to drive home. This is his first offence. I'm worried about him losing his job if he can't drive to work. He drives 45min there and back Monday thru Friday.
In St. Joseph County, it usually takes a few days for charges to be filed, so your son has a window of opportunity to...
Will jail time be required?
Lengthy criminal background, violated parole(P.I., driving on suspended lic., criminal misdemeanor for stealing.) Already served jail time for neglect of dependent. Has a 4 page public record documented and recently an eviction notice added on and CPS called and went to house. At that time, CPS found several other issues and called in the appropriate offices ( Humane Society, residential offices ) and so on. What is the likely hood of jail time and how much?
If all of what you state is in St. Joe county then jail is very likely. The length will depend on what has been done...
Will my friend have to go back to prison
My friend downloaded photo's served 4 years in prison & received 5 years probation He has taken 3 Polygraph tests & has failed all 3 . What might happen to him
Back to prison to serve out his sentence or nothing?
Can you offer an understanding of my sister's sentence?
I believe my sister is not obeying the rules to her sentence/probation. Could someone explain exactly what it means: 1. 9-30-5-2(a)/MA: Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Endangering a Person 3. 9-26-1-1.1(a)(1)/MB: Leaving the Scene of an Accident Driver fails to immediately stop at the scene Comment: (Count I 365 days with 360 suspended Concurrent to Count III 365 days with 360 suspended) Confinement to Commence: 01/23/2017 County Jail Term: 730 Days Suspended: 720 Days 01/20/2017 Dispositional Hearing
She was sentenced to a year in jail on each charge to run at the same time with 360 days suspended. So she essentially...
Plea bargained to 6 months with ignition interlock device to reduce my OWI to reckless driving.
When does the 6 months start? Is it as soon as I out the IID in my car. If I do not drive for 6 months, do I still need to get one installed?
You will need to read the judgment and sentence or ask your Attorney no way to answer without seeing the Court documents.