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Will my DUIs affect my citizenship application?
I am planning to file for citizenship. I have never filed before. Came to US legally as permanent resident over 20 years ago. I have 2 DUIs, one in 2010 and other in 2012. Will I have any issues in getting citizenship?
Yes. Any criminal history in the United States will "affect" an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400)....
Can I be charged for dui when no officer ever saw me in a vehicle while intoxicated at all?
I was arrested and charged with a DUI. I was at a friends house when a physical altercation too place and a neighbor called the PD. When the poll d showed up I was standing by the road waiting for a friend to show up and take me home. The police went back to the house and settled things with the physical matters. A different friend that was sober had driven me to the house and then left when the fight happened. When the cops walked out they had asked how we go there because we were obviously intoxicated. My friend said she drove so they took her to the side and gave her about 6 breath test because the officer couldn't get a reading. He finally got a reading and arrested her for DUI and out her in the car. He then came behind me and arrested me for public intoxication and put me in the car with her. While we were in the car she was freaking out and begging me to say that I had drove, so I did. Which was very dumb of me but I was very intoxicated and wasn't thinking right. So they switched our charges and charged me with DUI and her for public intoxication. We both were booked into jail and then released.
Try and reverse the roles now and see how good of a friend you have. Despite the fact that no one saw you driving,...
Blew a .06 and still charged for a dui
A friend of mine got pulled over and charged with a DUI. He blew a .06 the cop told him the limit was .03 and that he was legally intoxicated. My friend blew 3 different times with the same .06 result. He told him he originally pulled him over for swerving, but I was driving next and behind him on the street and freeway for a bit because we live in the general same direction and split ways on our exits. I know he wasn't swerving or anything like that. He also drives a manual/stick shift and was obviously driving it perfect from my point of view. He got pulled over two minutes from his house. He was booked for a dui and was given a temporary license. We hope his case gets dismissed. What do you think his best options are at this point? Are odds against him?
Is your friend under 21? Not sure where the .03 limit comes from. If your friend is over 21, his BAC was in fact a .06,...
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Can you be convicted of a DUI with only marijuana???
Yes. In fact recently they added a new crime, DUID which is driving under the influence drugs.
How to re open a case...Charged with two DUIs at once
Hi, a couple years ago I was convicted of DUI & they charged me with two duis at once, because I would not submit to testing until I got to the station. I was told if I plead guilty I would get out of jail sooner so I did. I now need my license back but they want me to take an 18 month multiple offender course, I only have one DUI. I was drunk & they charged me with two at once. How can I re open my case & have them fix the error? Thank you
Move the court to withdraw your plea.
Can I still get charged with a dui?
I was in a non injury car accident and had a couple of drinks before the accident. The police were called and asked myself and the other driver if anyone was injured. We both replied no and he told us to exchange insurance information, ask me if I hit my head on the windshield and a couple other questions. He didn't give me any type of field sobriety test or chemical test. Can they come back and charge me for a dui if they go back and look at the local pub surveillance cameras and find out I was there drinking. I'm in the state of California. I know I was over the legal limit but once again the officers didn't test me. Also, a police report was not written.
There is no real evidence. If the cop didn't perform field sobriety tests, have you blow into a breath machine or...
Do I need to take a 18 month DUI course?
I had a DUI with a prior charge. The DA dismissed the prior and I was able to plead to a regular DUI. I received the 3 month program from the court. I did get a letter from the DMV stating my license was suspended for a year. Will the DMV accept the 3 month program the court ordered me to complete or do I need to complete a different program?
Speak with your lawyer, but the DMV will require an 18-month class.