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DUI...Upcoming Court..DUI Conviction
I was arrested on 7/15 for DUI, the arresting officer took a breathalyzer sample even tho I told him I didn't trust breathalyzer results and wanted to do blood test. He took me to ER to get a sample of my blood. I was released the next day on OR. I went to my arraignment on 8/7 and the judge remanded me to jail because the DA was using preliminary breathalyzer results. The blood results are still not in as of today and I have court tomorrow. Can I be convicted based on preliminary breathalyzer result? or will they have to wait for blood results? how long does that typically take?
I am confused. Were you released from jail on the 16 and reincarcerated on August 7th. Are you still in jail? Is this...
DUI and jobs
How soon does an employer find out about a DUI. No court or arraignment dates have been set but dmv hearing is coming up. 23,accident with minor injury to my passenger.he left the scene with parents and said he was ok with a swoll eye. still got booked for bodily injury and blowing .092. Pretty much don't believe I can be saved after reading a small percentage of people win their hearings. Can the dmv prevent you from getting another job even though they are not the criminal side? And how soon does the dmv notify my current job if I lose hearing?(just my luck the officer was already at the scene when it happened so had probable cause) Any advice helps thanks
Why would the DMV notify anybody? What type of job do you have??
DUI prescription medication CA
So I got 2 DUI's while under the influence of prescription medication in my personal vehicle. I have a CDL which they are saying is suspended for life. Is there anyway to fight this as my Dr wrote a letter stating I was able to drive at the time and no longer on medication.
It sounds like you have been convicted twice? If that's correct, then maybe the DMV is correct, depending on your...
Expunge DUI
7 years ago I was charged with DUI how can I expunge my record?
Technically in CA you can't. Under the penal code you can change your plea to not guilty. See 1203.4
Extension for signing up to a DUI class?
I got a DUI a month ago. It was reduced to a Wet Reckless and I was ordered to pay a fine and register for a 1st time DUI offender program. I was told I had to enroll by 8/14/2015. So I tried to call on the 14th which was a Friday, and it turns out there only open Monday-Thurseday. So I called on Monday (8/17/15) and they told me I couldn't enroll since I missed the date. I explained what happened and how they were closed on the 14th. They asked me when my last court date was and I told them it was on the 6th. They said it's weird that I was only given a week to enroll cause everyone is usually given 21 days. They told me to go to court and ask for an extension until the 1st since that's when the next enrollment begins. Are there gonna be a negative consequences when I go to court to ask?
The judge and the DA won't be happy but probably not. Give your attorney a call.
DUI police report
DUI with accident the police report says I blew .092% and blood test says .10%. Dmv phone hearing is in 19 days and still haven't had arraignment for court yet. The attorney who I talked to pretty much said my only hope is that there is a mistake in the paperwork. really don't have much money right now and he wants to charge $9000 to do the whole case. Another attorney I talked to said he can do the dmv hearing for a certain price and handle the court case for more. Should I even waste my time with the dmv hearing it sounds like my chances are slim to win I believe he said a 16% chance
There are many different factors that if present could help you in your case, mistakes in the paperwork is just one....
How long in the State of California is a DUI on Your record ?
In 2001 I got a Misdemeanor 1st offence DY DUI. I did My Mandatory 24hrs in Jail & something like $1875 in fines but never did the 90 days Alchohol Classes I was Sentanced to Complete 14 yrs ago. When I went to Dig to find out what it would take to get My Licence back He told Me I had to Complete 90 days of Schooling. Later I called & Insurance Company telling Him about My Duo He told Me that it should be Off My record. I told Him that's what I believed should be true. Can The State of California DMV hold that against Me for 14 yrs or should I fight it ?
Unfortunately, the DMV has an endless memory. Since you were convicted of a DUI and failed to attend and complete the...