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Dui Refusal
I was charged for a refusal by DMV for not completing the breath test even if one of the blows on the print was .09 On the other hand the DA is only charging me for dui with BAC of .09 when Title 17 was not even followed. Can you suppress that .09? and if they decide to bring up the refusal can you challenge that the .09 reading proofs that the test took place? even if the officer aborted the breath test too early just so he can do a blood test instead and subject refused due to abnormal bleeding? Police officer entered the wrong time into the alcotest 9510 as the starting point of the observation but at that time we hadnt arrived to the station yet. Btw I have the police station videos as proof of all these discrepances. Pls Advice. Thank you.
Title 17 is not applicable in the court; it is only applicable in an administrative hearing such as a DUI admin per se...
Received A DUI I have no license?
I am a Mexican Citizen with no license I was only arrested for 2 hours and then let go. I have a court date next month. What possible consequences am I facing? Am I facing jail time? I know I have to pay penalties
The case is more serious than you think If you are convicted you may receive jail time, fines, a DUI school, a IID...
DUI in India -> DL in California
Hi, I have a single DUI conviction on my license back in India. I am in California on a L2 visa at the moment. Will it be a problem for me to get a new drivers license (category C), here in California ? Thank you.
That is an excellent question. Usually driver's license inquiries are limited to the united states, however it may...
Arrested for DUI (temazepam)
Live in California. My case is a bit different. I have a prescription for temazepam, which I take by putting into a water bottle and labeling X on it. My friend drank this water bottle, she was unaware of its content, and got sick. I took care of her for 7 hours till she said she was fine. I then let her drive home and she got into a minor fender bender accident, no one was hurt. A police officer showed up and arrested her for suspicion of DUI. I didn't realize she took my medication till the next day when my bottle was missing. Will she get a DUI? Can I help her out in any way? Will I end up going to jail for this?
In my experience (19 years to be exact) as a local DUI defense attorney, DUI cases are beatable. Contrary to what you...
DMV asking you to request a DUI hearing twice?
I called the DMV Safety Office within ten days of my arrest to request a hearing and a stay on my license. I then received a letter in the mail from the DMV a few days later asking me to request a hearing within fourteen days or my license would end up being suspended? Can anyone clarify why they're asking me to request a hearing twice? Thank you.
The letter is sent as a result of the officer failing to properly complete the form DS367, usually, by failing to...
DUI speeding and chemical test refusal.
Currently hired an attorney for Dmv hearing but pretty much told me there's no defense. Really? Obviously looking at different directions for hearing but here are the details. Pulled over for speeds I won't mention but was excessive. I blew into road side breathalyzer blew a .108 but refused chemical test, soon arrested. There were multiple things that were exaggerated on police report as well. I have questions as far as how hard would it be to reduce these charges? Another is when is tape and audio released? Is this upon when I hire a lawyer for the actual case? There is also other things that could make a case but as always every case is unique. Really could use some guidance thanks.
You've hired a lawyer. Why don't you speak to that lawyer? If you don't trust the attorney you hired, give Attorney...
As I asked eAllier about Dui probation
I have other issue that I may have to move to a different state so what are other options to get my license in a new state and what will happen with my unfinished DUI 18 months program.and what are the steps that I will need to take to initiate the process
If you don't finish your alcohol program, you'll have to wait for 2 years from the date of conviction to file a 1650...