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I do not use marijuana; a passenger uses while I drive my vehicle; the passenger has a medical marijuana card. Can I be charged
I haven't been stopped , but I would like an answer in case I do.
Of course you can be charged. Having a card does not allow you to smoke in a vehicle.
DUI waiver
Im almost done with my DUI program. Ive been kicked out soo many time and had warrant put on me. and i have to pay everytime to get back in the program. I have no Job, I owe the court 1500 and even thou Ive already paid the program about 700 they're sayin that that was only for late fees and of course other charges. I can't get a real Job without my license and they wont give a certificate of completion. Is there any way i can get the court to waive my DUI fees so i can get this job that i have lined up?
You might be able to have some or all of the fines converted into jail time. Other than that, no such waiver of fine...
Will i get charged with dui if i had an accident?
My wife had got into a single car accident. she was taking to the hospital. no police went to the hospital for anything. She had a couple drinks and was positive for alcohol. She was released the next day. Will she be charged with dui if police didn't charge her initially or suspect she was drunk?
If no police came it is doubtful if there will be any charges . Very lucky . Get an attorney on stand by just in case.
Is the DMV flexible on what they issue a restricted license for?
I care for my children currerntly. I don't have public transportation near my home. I need to be able to take them to and from home, and to and from their mother as we are living apart currently. I also care for my aging grandfather by getting his lunches and/or dinners nightly. I have no public transportation near my area, it's a 10 to 15 mile drive to the nearest bus stop. I have no grocery store near my home, so I would need to be able to drive there also in order to live. I lost my license due to a D.U.I arrest with a BAC of .08% Would the DMV issue me a restriced license based on these circumstances?
The real answer is after a DUI with BAC of .08 your license will be suspended for 120 days, After 30 days, if you have...
Got dui in wyoming now california has suspended lic.
got dui in wyoming california has suspended lic and wants me to atted classes for 18 months work out of state dui case was cleared in wyoming any way out of this
Punctuation would make it easier to understand your question. I gather that you were convicted of a DUI in Wyoming, but...
Will i be charged with a DUI?
I had an accident while slightly under the influence. I was given a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test where the officer shined a light into my eye and had me look sideways. The officer didn't mention whether i passed the test or not, but I was not taken to jail, and the officer did not attempt to administer any other tests. My car was towed, and he gave me a police report and told me to go home. He didn't mention anything about DUI or the sobriety test after administering the test. Do you think they could or will charge me with a DUI in this situation?
Since they administered a gaze nystagmus field test to you and you were released, it is not likely they will arrest you...
Will a dui follow you?
My son got a dui in California. He was in California for the military. He has a Marion Ohio drivers license. When convicted of the dui through California courts. Will it be put in a system that it suspends his Marion Ohio license?
Sure will. The various states share/honor each others restrictions.