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  • Bravoa s hearing delayed again

    Thursday Jun 15 | via Lake County Record-Bee 

    LAKEPORT >> Deputy District Attorney Chanel Crawford and Defense Attorney Angela Carter have agreed to delay the preliminary examination of alleged murderer Ezequiel Junior Bravo to Aug. 9. The preliminary hearing was originally set for February. Bravo is charged with three counts of murder, among other charges, for his alleged involvement in a shooting last November that left one dead and three wounded in the Elem Colony at Clearlake Oaks.


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  • Three graduate from the Day Reporting Center

    May 19, 2017 | via Lake County Record-Bee 

    On Thursday, three people graduated from the Lake County Day Reporting Center in Lakeport, a program which seeks to help and change high-risk individuals who have been in the criminal justic system for a lengthy time. The program is 18 months old, and Thursday was the first graduation.


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Lakeport Law

I was arrested in 9/2006 for DUI in California (Lake County). My court date and subsequent conviction was on March 12, 2007.
I was given 3 years probation on the DUI charge. On February 12, 2007 (BEFORE my court date for DUI) I was stopped for driving on a suspended license in Napa County. The charge was ultimately pleaded down to driving without a license and the court date was in August, 2007 (no contest plea to the reduced charge but still a misdemeanor). This year I filed a petition to have both charges dismissed under section 1203.4 (for the DUI) and 1203.4a (for the other charge). The second charge has now been dismissed under 1203.4a but the Lake County D.A. is arguing that the second violation was a probation violation. I have refiled for 1203.4 dismissal showing documentation as to when the second violation was committed and when the court date was as well as the dismissal this year.
If an incident in case #2 occurs prior to the sentencing on case #1, it is not a probation violation since the incident...
Charged w DUI and possession and transporting engrams of met , no drugs found in blood test
i have a public def , d . a made a deal I SAID NO ! court in weeks
Sounds like you are going to trial. what is your question?
Will the DA press for a DUI
What is the likelihood that the DA will not press for DUI charges. Pulled over for obstruction of license plate, late at night after watching a show 2.5 glasses of 13.5% wine, 1st drink 9pm, last 11:30 PM, pulled over at 1:30am after 2 hr drive home. Cited for .08 and DUI. No BAC result yet, I know it will be between .03 and .00 I am 56 yrs old, was extremely tired after dancing all night and driving 2 hour, pulled over for obstructed license plate. Sober friend in my car, volunteered to blow, they let her drive my car home, cops thought I refused to blow but finally figured it out, I was already cuffed, I opted for blood test because I did not trust the cop and knew it would vindicate me fully. No injuries, accidents, property damage, just a bored cop trying to make his quota. As near as I can tell, the roadside tests will be easy to fight due to where and how they were performed, II know I will get my license back as soon as the DMV gets the test results .08 charge will be dropped. I walked out of jail with my actual Drivers License and a paper 30 day license? Is it likely the DA will push for a DUI charge with a BAC of .03 to .00, would they win?
In my experience most people lack the ability to accurately predict their BAC.
22 plus years ago I had my second DUI and am trying to get my license back due to health issues. I have been told I have to redo
Am indigent and need help Napa Co does not retain records longer than 7 years my DUI was over 22 years ago. I have enrolled in a program in Lake. Co. To have been told since 22 years ago the only program was first offenders when I did pre enrollment to now being an 18 month program. I have on going medical appts. And have been told I can't miss any class I feel that I've been wronged and it just doesn't pan out the money and expectancies they expect of one is not I feel legitimate nor correct. Please advise me on what I can or should do. What I had been told by an employee of the county that it was the law..That had been quoted to me on the laws for previous DUIs and now they say it's different
Sounds like you have to complete another 18-month program if you want a license.
How do i beat a dmv aps hearing?
Drank 5 beers over 4 hours stopped for over an hour and a half, was bought a drink and then one more beer. Waited for a bit then left and after doing so was pulled over. Passed all sobriety tests and only was off the 30 sec count by 5 sec. Officer said i wasnt drunk just slightly impaired. I have texts that prove i drank responsibly and did not commit mistakes. It was 30 degrees or so when i did the sobriety tests.
Hire a very good DUI attorney who will have to enlist the services of an expert toxicologist and hopefully your police...
Over 25 years ago I received my 2nd DUI, did the classes paid Fine. DMV states I have to do classes again?
Over 25 years ago I received my 2nd DUI ,I did the classed and paid the fine.Never drove again until recently. I have medical issues which requires driving some distances at times and is hard to find rides to the city to UCSF at times. I was told that I needed an sr-22 form to get my license I complied, for over a year now I have carried insurance even though I don't drive, except when I have too, Went again to dmv and again struck down. Reissue fee. sr-22. have been taken care of and the DUI class 25 years AGO/'FOR THEM TO SAY I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE THE COUNTY DOES OT KEEP RECORDS PAST 7 YEARS THUS WHEN dmv LOOKS IT UP IS STATES NEEDS TO COMPLETE DUI.; CLASS Please advise Thank you
If DMV doesn't have proof of completion, you'll have to do whatever they require if you want a license.
I have 10 year old dui enrolled in classes but they will not give me a restricted license to go to and from treatment and work
at the time of my dui I was not under the influence 0.0 was my b.a.c but I had smoked marijuana 72 hours prior too so my test came back positive for thc. and the mau is requiring me to complete the program before reinstating my license
Yes, thata correct. you plead to a DUI and will have to complete the program before your license will be reinstated.