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Why is the prosecutor taking so long to file criminal charges against me in pending incident?
I have been awaiting the status of pending charges for an incident involving a car accident. I failed a field sobriety test and had my blood drawn at a hospital. I also initially refused a request to have my blood drawn. The crash report narrative indicates that I was arrested. I called the arresting police agency and was told I cannot file a FOIA request to receive arrest records until the prosecutor decides to file criminal charges. It has been 7 months. Why would it be taking so long?
These delays are becoming more common as the State Police crime lab deals with more and more blood and DNA evidence. I'...
What should I do?
On probation and have a curfew of 1130pm. I live in Michigan and it was snowing so I was offered a job helping a friend who was short on workers salt some residential homes which I was called at 11. I went out and worked til about 130am, on the way home I was driving my car my girlfriend bought me which is in her name. She doesn't have a license, so when a cop got behind me and ran the plates he saw she didn't have a license and pulled me over, upon approaching me, the lady officer said I noticed the owner of this vehicle doesn't have a license do you have a valid license on you? I said yes and handed her my paperwork, she got back in her car and I walked inside my house. She sat there behind my car for a few minutes then left. I just don't know what to do, and would love some professional advice
First, you should look over your probation terms and conditions carefully. I suspect that you have a condition that...
It's been about ten years since my son's second DUI when he lost his license. How can I help him get it back?
I think things got worse for my son before it got better. His dad was seriously ill and then died a few years later. He has grown a lot over the years. He has his own place of residence and pays all his own bills. He walks to most places and or pays for public transportation, especially going to work and back. Him not having a license, limits his place of employment, and becoming more independent. As a parent how can I help him the most to get his license back after all these years?
Your son should hire an attorney that is proficient in driver's license restoration. There is a lot of paperwork and...
What to expect for first violation of Probation with 33rd district court?
License restricted from s.o.s and pulled over ten houses away from my home (out in the boonies) with only a corner store ahead. Told officer the truth I was getting milk for my grandsons staying with me. Did not get arrested and I believe would have been let go but he was not alone. Had a partner with him. Jail for first violation of this matter?
While the judges there are certainly not the most lenient bunch, I believe that your 1st probation violation, under...
DUI in 2010 and 2012 have my CDL want get back in truck but nobody will hire me until 5 years after the 2012 dui
Have my CDL not suspended. Wondering how do I get around the waiting 2 more years and start making money?
I know you asked a similar question recently, but this is a different twist. I don't know how your license is not...
Got a dui 2010 and 2012 is changing my name the way to go so I can get back to driving big truck
Driving here in Michigan with local companies but want to go back to race teams no one will touch till after 5 years
>>> Changing your name won't do anything.... you'll still have the same driving record, unless I'm totally not...
Any advice on helping someone close to you through an owi emotionally?
My close friend started court recently for an owi. He has withdrawn a lot but has shared that he has been thinking a lot and how he wants to change the path of his future which is great to hear. I can tell he is very stressed and anxious and I don't believe it helps when I ask about how's everything's going. I want to do whatever I can to help show him I want to help him get through it and support him emotionally without overwhelming him. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Every person is different, so it is very difficult to generalize about what can be done to help any particular person,...