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What question will a judge ask me
for a dui
Unless you are taking a plea, the judge won't be asking you anything. This is the type of question you should be asking...
How long should it take to get test results?
It has been almost 2 months. Is the police officer required to tell me the results of breath test when done? He said he stopped me for speeding (I don't think he clocked me on radar), then he asked if I was drinking. I said I had 2 drinks so he proceeded with breath and road tests. If he stopped me illegally can I still be charged?
You can always be charged with a crime. The question is whether or not the government can prove that you committed a...
ARD information
If someone is in the ARD or ARC program for a first offence DUI are they required to attend a meeting or counseling every day in wilkes barre PA.
Your question is most unusual. Most county ARD programs have standard conditions that require a defendant's...
A.R.D And C.R.N. evaluation. I was ordered by court to get a C..R.N. Evaluation. What if i disagree with the evaluation??
My Probation officer said i needed to get my C.R.N. evaluation, so i did. I am totally out of money and it seems everywhere i go they want more? I disagree with needing anymore Treatment. Before D.U.I-I very seldom drank (social drinker). A few months after the DUI .I quit drinking all together.(2 months not a drink) (I Was 100% honest in evaluation) Somehow they evaluate me needing more programs/? that cost 70 dollars once per 6 Weeks (I can't afford that, i barley will come up with the A.R.D. Money) . Isn't the A.R.D. Course similar to any program the C.R.N. Can order? Do i have to do what the C.R.N. Decide's? It seems this is A.R.D. program Is for the rich only.My lawyers no help, he will want more money too ,that i don't have.i can only do what i can afford (Fixed income)
It is unfortunate that you disagree with the results of the CRN evaluation. However, it is a necessary part of the ARD...
Pa. D.U.I. , Does Implied consent require the officer to explain, second vile of blood is for independant test?Proper procedure
Still waiiting for blood results.I recieved no information in over a month, since arrest. I have no prior record of anything. lack of information given to me at the time of arrest,. I wasnt read anything. Nothing was explained to me by officers. Other then "something with come in mail in couple of weeks"> Is there a way to get charges dropped if any? I have no way to start to prepare a defense if i have no information. I'snt there a law where the officer has to file a complaint in 5 days? so i can get indepentant test or Have right to attorney?(no mirada right given). I read often on here- get an attorney as soon as possible, but how can I with no information ?Can a DUI be dismissed if proper procedure was Not used? seems i cant prepare a defense in over 30 days. Is there a 60 day rule?
Regarding your Miranda question: the police are only required to Mirandize you when you are in "police custody"--and...
Dui sentence
My boyfriend is in county jail going upstate for duis he's got 13 months atleast and the max is 3 years he has until Nov 5th to appeal his case and try to get less time his lawyer won't appeal it. He wants to see if he could just get charged with general impairment which would be 10 days jail time for each and he could get out with time served they promised him a better deal cuz laws changed and he didn't get one
And? Appeal with new lawyer retained
Probation for DUI
If a juvenile is arrested for a DUI and is put on probation for a tier 2 DUI, are they likely to get an ankle monitoring bracelet/ SCRAM bracelet? Yes it depends on a variety of things, but has it been done before and is it usually likely?
In every juvenile case it is always the best interest of the child so it is what the Judge or PO thinks. Best bet is to...