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Can my license be reinstated if my DUI is dropped and I have a refusal?
One of my charges was for DUI and it's been dropped. At the time of the incident, I refused the breathalyzer and blood tests . I was denied a hardship license because of a refusal 15 years ago in a different state. I took the DUI course shortly after my arrest. I wasn't cited for the refusal.
If you refuse a breath test, the Florida DMV can and will suspend your license, regardless of what happens in the DUI...
Can I get charged for DUI?
I had a car accident and got the ticket for leaving the scene unattended. I did walk away but because of shock and bad advice. I walked back to the car though and then police was called by other people. No other cars, people or injuries involved. Additionally, on the ticket is written Driving under influence of Alcoholic beverages. Police didn't take any alcohol test. Can I still be charged for a DUI? I had some drinks and police asked if I had consumed alcohol. I said some drinks yes. Can it be used in the court against me?
It sounds like you were charged with dui. So, the question should not be can you get charged, but what you should do...
Could they start watching me pee in JDAP if they haven't so far?
I am in the JDAP program in Florida. I have failed my first test and I failed another one recently but other than that I've been clean. I haven't smoked the whole time. They haven't watched me pee not once, but I'm wondering if there might be a chance that they will?
They might. How else will they know that you are actually providing an honest sample? That said, stop failing...
Do i still do community hours if my case was dismissed
I went to court on the 17 of January an my public defender gave me community hours in order for me to recive my license but my case was dismissed
Public defender do not give community service hours. Judges order you to do community service hours. If you...
Should i get a public defender for my first time offense, first arrest, misdemeanor dui arrest? Money is an issue at the moment.
* got pulled over for driving with my headlights off. * no accident or injuries involved.
Hello, sorry to hear about your DUI. That decision is up to you, assuming you can afford it. PDs are no different...
Can I get charged with a DUI after the fact?
I was driving my car home after having a few too many drinks. I got in a car crash by drivi into a pole. THANKFULLY, I was the only person in the car and I did not hit anyone else so I was the only one injured. Due to trauma I blacked out and don't remember anything. When the cops came i had to be immediately rushed to hospital due to multiple injuries. I remember the nurse telling me my BAC was over the legal limit. The police never came to the hospital and as far as I know there is no police report because the cop " had to leave the scene of the accident". My question is can I be charged with a DUI now even though I haven't been yet? I'm thinking the cops couldn't charge me at the scene of the accident because I needed immediate attention. Is the hospital able to release information to the cops regarding my BAC?
Yes of course they can file charges against you after the accident. You need legal help right away.
Can I find out status with Florida DMV of a dui I received in February 2009 in Florida as a vacationer with a New York license
I plan on moving to Fla and will need to change my license from New York to Florida I completed all required here in Fla and also probation was completed in NY clean license since my first offense in 2009 I have a clean NY license. Want to make sure Fla DMV clears me to get Fla license
Yes. Call any DMV office in Florida, have your driver's license number ready, and they should be able to look up the...