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I had a dui conviction vacated 10 yrs ago why is it still on my driving abstact . a vacated conviction is like it never exsited
that conviction should be off my record it was vacated by the city attorney ,so why is it still on my abstact could you please tell me.
It is like it never happened for everybody EXCEPT for law enforcement and DMV
I am 15 almost getting my temps and i received an underage drinking ticket about two years ago going onto three and my mother
Said she would pay it and i was not allowed to see her at all or communicate eith her and she went to jail and i had always asssumed she paid it but i am just now finding out that she did not and i was wondering if there would be driving consequences
There may be. You can check with the DMV to see whether your license is suspended.
Is there any chance for a 3rd owi I can get on the scram bracelet?
I was recently pulled over for my 3rd owi in jefferson wi. Weird thing is the officer did not give me a sobriety test until we got back to the station. I was entially pulled over for speeding and being revoked and I'm pretty sure I wasn't read my rights. The sobriety test was recorded at the county jail garage where the officer said I failed right away and I don't kno how I did. I refused a breathe test and was taken to fort atkinson hospital for a blood test. I am the main provider in my household while my fiancée goes to school full time and works part time . We have 4 children in the house and serving huber will cost us to lose everything. My 2nd owi was in 2010.Please anyone let me know what I should do and go about this , I am going to get my own personal attorney. Thank you
Contact and consult with an attorney as soon as possible. You need sound, objective legal advice at this point....
Charged with DC in Dodge county WI & was on a $500 signature bond when with 4th dui in Jefferson.
While I was awaiting my court date in Dodge county for misdemeanor DC on a $500 signature bond I was arrested for my 4th dui in Jefferson county. Dodge gave me a fine & passed the bail jumping to Jefferson where I signed a $2500 signature bond. What can I expect my sentence to be? My bac was .13 & I've been going to AA 2-3 times a week & counseling once a week. My last dui charge was almost 8 years ago. I realize I messed up, but I'm trying to do the right thing now, and I don't want bail jumping on my record. What should I do? I have an attorney but could really use a different perspective. The prosecutor wants to give me an additional year of probation on top of me sitting 5+ months. Is that a good deal? Any additional help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
You'll be hard-pressed to find a lawyer who will second-guess your present attorney with just the limited information...
Will going to court for Underage Consumption lower the fine?
The fine is $260 (first offense) and I was at a house at 9 a.m. (woken up by the Sheriff). Is there anyway to take some sort of class or have the fine reduced? Also what should I say in court?
Yes, many jurisdictions and courthouses have programs for first offenders. When you go to court ask the DA or Judge if...
Got pulled over at7am for a seatbelt. ended up on a po hld for a breathalizer and mayb 5th owi whats the worst case senario???
only had point 039
OWI 5th is a felony. You were over the legal limit for a 5th. If there are no additional enhancers the maximum is 3...
Can I own a firearm after completing first offender program for domestic violence in wiscosin
I have successfully completed it 4 years ago and now wish to purchase a handgun
If you have a conviction, no. If your "first offender program" was a diversion program that avoided the conviction for...