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How long for blood work results to come back after traffic stop for marijuana
i was stopped for speeding and was jailed because the officer suspected drugs. blood work was done ... still no results. i was arrested nov.1 and is now feb. 18 and no blood results. is there a time limit that they have to abide by before case is dropped. does it normally take 5 months for results?
According to the MSP prompts (when you call the MSP lab) it should take as long as a month. I have had cases where...
Got 3rd dwi i was parked with truck running in state land .cop pulled up be bind me . i blow .12 in mi how long in jail?
2 dwi 4 months apart 5 years ago no other record in life
The short answer is that a 3rd drunk driving offense in Michigan is considered a felony and carries a mandatory minimum...
This is my first and only time for being pull over for DUI, what can I do to clear this DUI situation?
I was heading home from a Soldier celebration from a deployment and got pulled over for headlight that went out.
It is possible that an OWI can be dismissed; however, there has to be a very strong legal or factual defense for that...
Am i going to be chatged for a dui
I was pumping gas and a police officer approached me and said i was drunk and to take a pbt so i did blew .12 they parked my car in parkimg lot and said i can come pick my keys up in a few hours and that i wasnt being charged
You could certainly face charges if you blew a .12 while operating a vehicle. You might also get lucky. If you...
Removing DWI record from online viewers?
Once my case is dismissed upon completing probation can I request to have my DWI rochester file removed from online viewing? Not seal or expunge which I know isn't possible. If so, how do you request this of the 52-3 court?
The 52-3 court does not have jurisdiction over the internet. Much of the internet is based in foreign countries anyway....
Why did I plea to a felonious assault but a DUI is still on my record?
I took a plea deal from 5 charges to 1 charge: felonious assault. I got a call the other day from the Michigan Treasury saying I owe thousands of dollars for a DUI I was never supposed to be charged with and am being told I cannot obtain my license until then. What do I do?
I think you need to hire an attorney to investigate all the facts.. I doubt if the DUI was dropped..
I was driving home after a night out with a friend and got a little turned around?
During my drive home I was pulled over by an officer that stated that he had been getting reports that my car was swerving. I was next subjected to field sobriety tests that I passed (Heel to toe walk, light and alphabet). I was next given a breath test twice that came back inconclusive. I was arrested and taken to the station where the a male officer searched me. When I asked for a female officer I was told that they would not play this s***. My breasts were roughly fondled and I asked the officer to take it easy. I was ticketed and taken to the hospital for a blood draw (I have poor controlled diabetes). My glucose results were 137 and bac.25. I was not intoxicated at the time of the arrest. I can not afford a lawyer and but want to make a plea deal to avoid penalties. What are my options?
If you were not intoxicated, why would you want to "make a plea deal"? The blood test result, however, implies that...