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im on felony probation and just got a dui the day i turned 21 im pretty worried thier going to violate my probation and brng my class x back i dont know if my dui is a felony or misdomeaner but i bonded out for one hundred that day what should i expect?
Hire an attorney asap for both cases.
I was at a party everyone received drinking tickets. I admitted to having a few beers around 10 pm. Although the police didnt arrive until 1-2 a.m. They did not perform any sobriety tests nor did I have to blow. I want to know what are my options?
The maximum punishment for underage drinking in Illinois is incarceration, loss of driving privileges, a steep fine and...
I cant afford an attorney. I'm homeless. lost my vehicle for 2 weeks so now I don't have a job. I didn't blow in booking room. had unopen 6pack on floorboard, so was asked to do ,and did, roadside test. He said I failed was arrested.
You'll get a public defender but your best friend might be your probation officer. Ask her to help you find...
I understand an RDP is very strict. If you have nobody to take the car in for you, how would you accomplish this requirement if you cannot drive there? Thanks.
You should call the baiid provider to assist you.
There was no accident or injury, the car was pulled over because the rear license plate light was out. They ended up giving my sister, who was driving my car, a DUI because they said they smelled alcohol and she refused the field sobriety tests. The next day I went and got my car out of the tow yard. Would they make a claim on my insurance based on this?
If there was nobody else involved, nobody would make a claim.
Also, will my insurance be affected?
No one here will be able to tell you what your friend's chances of beating a DUI charge will be. Often the refusal to...
I had no shows, coat, phone , identification, nothing besides my romper. Officer told me my sister was waiting outside, told me to go out through same way we entered(being police garage). I shook hands with the two and only two officers, to uphold my respect for authority even though they had abused the badge and what it stands for. Back to my point i was pulled over cabout 2am, for speeding and then hr or so later taken in on a DUI charge as well, When I was told my ride was outside I walked out to pitch black with one street lamp for police station lot. No one was there for me so i started walking.. my sister is only one who lived close by. mind you i do not live in this area or ever walked in foreign territory. Now is that legal to release a young cute and "drunk" to no one? vehicle?.
You are young and cute? It sounds like you had just been arrested for DUI. If there was o one outside for you, why...