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  • Car Burglary Suspect Tracked To Indiana, Charged

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via 

    A man accused of burglarizing a parked car on Waukegan Road in Lake Forest in May has been tracked down in Indiana and charged with several counts of burglary to motor vehicle. According to Lake Forest police, Clayton A. Kosky, 25, Lincolnshire was observed on several surveillance videos performing transactions with several credit cards that were reported stolen in the incident, which occurred on May 17 around 7 p.m. The alleged transactions occurred in Lake County.


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  • Trial date delayed for Gavin teacher facing molestat...

    Monday Jun 15 | via Daily Herald 

    The trial date for the former Gavin South Middle School teacher accused of molesting two former students before fleeing the country has been pushed back to late August. Defense attorney Elliot Pinsel also said he is trying to work out a plea deal to resolve the sex assault case against Michael Vucic, 41, of Lake Forest, who is accused of having sex with the students between 2007 and 2012.


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  • Police bust friend of man charged in Fitchburg sword...

    Wednesday Jun 10 | via Sentinel & Enterprise 

    After a city man was arrested Monday night for allegedly attacking his roommate with a sword, a friend of his was arrested a little over an hour later on several charges after causing a disturbance in the Police Department's lobby while demanding to speak to his friend, according to a police spokesman. In the first incident, Alec B. Larrey, 21, of 63 Snow St., Apt.


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  • Indonesia volcano at high alert level unleashes fres...

    Wednesday Jun 10 | via Park Record 

    A volcano in western Indonesia that has been spewing clouds of searing gas high into the air let out a new powerful burst Wednesday. Authorities are closely monitoring Mount Sinabung on Sumatra, one of Indonesia's main islands, after placing it at the highest alert level last week.


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Lake Forest Law

Will the secretary of state cancel my baiid after my first violation?
The problem is i've been sick and been using vicks vapor rub and cough medicine the night before. I tried starting my car up early in the morning and got a fail violation on my baiid? Does medicine really effect the device?
Is there any possible chance that I could obtain a hardship license after second DUI in Illinois?
My duis were within a year of each other so I know my chances are slim but I was wondering if you could still obtain a hardship license or something similar? I'm going through all the necessary steps such as the classes, therapy, etc. and nothing has been decided in my case yet as it has kept getting extended. Please,any advice will help! I am 21 and I pay for my own education and I NEED to be able to get to work
Not with a ticket pending and two duis in less than 5 years.
DUI advice
I was pulled over on us rt. 41 northbound by park west (it goes down to 40 mph) I was pulled over for speeding (clocked me at 74 mph). Did some field sobriety tests and blew 0.081 and was taken to the station. I was polite and admired to drinking one blue moon and at the station I blew a 0.071. Why did they check the box to suspend my license? And what are the chances I can beat this case?
I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you odds on "beating" the case without more information. Based on what you have...
I was just wondering what could happen. I'm on probation for driving on revoked and a dui. And it was a mistamenor charge.
He revoked me a couple months ago for not doing the community service hours witch i had a letter from my back Dr saying that i couldn't do them. It was never presented to the judge from the public defender. I just went to see him a couple days ago and failed a drug test he revoked me again. I called and scheduled a updated evaluation and going to do classes again but what could happen in court?
What could happen is that the judge says he is tired of you violating, so he is just going to revoke probation and send...
Can a officer breathalyze a minor without parent consent at a party?
At a party minors were drinking with out parents home. There were open cans. Everyone was sent home with a ticket.
Yes. Why would they need parental consent? What parent would consent to that?
I've had my RDP for only two weeks and I've stopped at the gym a couple of times, will they cancel my rdp when I send my report?
I've only had my RDP for two weeks and need to send my initial 30 monitor report. Do I have any chance at keeping RDP? I know if you blow and fail the state gives you a 2nd chance, do they do the same for unnecessary stops?
You are taking a serious risk by making unauthorized stops while you have your RDP. If you have recently learned that...
Does the RDP monitoring report count how many starts per day? Can that cause a violation?
Have an RDP for work but i stop at the starbucks on the way to work occasionally. I've never blown any sort of alcohol reading.
Attempting to disable the device so you won't get found out at Starbucks is tampering and would be recorded as a start...