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  • Trial begins for former policeman accused of wrongly...

    Tuesday Feb 21 | via The Wave 

    SANTA ANA An off-duty Signal Hill police officer used excessive force when he dragged another driver out of his car and put a gun to the man's head for supposedly cutting him off on the freeway, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Trial began in Orange County Superior Court for Jacob Emory Swigger, 41, of Lake Forest, who is facing felony charges of assault and battery by a police officer and assault with a firearm for a confrontation with another driver on the I-405 freeway on Nov. 20, 2014.


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If I am on information probation in CA for a DUI in 2010 and get a DUI in Utah, what will happen to my probation in CA?
I had a DUI in 2010 in CA, went through the CA DUI court program, but then got arrested for a DUI in Utah and had marijuana in my car at a rest stop. I am wondering what can happen to me being I was still on informal probation in CA when when I had this arrest in another state?
you could be found in violation of your terms of probation in California. consult with an attorney on specifics
Should my friend hire lawyer for his 3rd dui
it been 17 years his last dui. he blew .28 and he want born here.. he is affarid to get deported to his country. what should he do.
If he is not a citizen of the U.S. he needs to be careful about what crimes he pleads guilty to. A DUI conviction won't...
Would DUI-IGBH fall under Prop 57. Obviously they would have served their sentence for the primary offense.
My dad got sentenced to 7 years for dui infliction of greasy bodily harm but he's also been in fire camp for a few years now as well. He's served his sentence for his primary charge- the IGBH. So I'm curious if that would be a charge that would fall under possible early release under prop 57?
I don't believe Prop. 57 will provide any relief here.
Should I fight AZ MVD or hope that if I let it rest CA does not get wind of it?
My license is being revoked by AZ for a 2nd DUI in 4 + years. The 1st was with an AZ lic. and the 2nd was with a CA lic. on federal property in AZ. (Both were in AZ). I now have and have had a CA lic. for almost 4 1/2 years. Does the State of AZ have jurisdiction over my CA lic.? If AZ revokes my AZ. lic. does that automatically revoke my CA lic. I see that CA allows for a restricted lic. if you have a 2nd DUI with a IID in you vehicle. Can anyone help? My previous DUI does not show on my CA record. Should I just take the revocation and not rock the boat?
This is difficult to answer, in all likelihood CA won't find out about the AZ action on the AZ license. AZ can only...
Hit by a drunk driver, went to chiropractor for 4 months (3 times a week). What's a fair settlement?
I was involved in an auto accident (stopped at a red light) when a dunk driver was speeding, slammed into the left back side of my rental vehicle, she walked away from the scene & walked home. She was arrested with DUI. I retained an accident attorney and received chiropractic care for 4 months for 2-3 times a week. The attorney is somewhat difficult to get ahold of, and hasn't been very attentive or informative the entire time, and we are coming to a close, and have requested the medical bills be forwarded to the attorney so that this can be done. What would be a fair settlement amount? I just want to know what to expect and know how they calculate this sort of thing. I also missed a week and a half of work, because the pain was pretty bad during those times. Any input? Thank you!!!
Sorry, but no lawyer on this site can answer your question other than to say the only lawyer who could come close to...
“Should I disclose a DUI and reckless operation charge on my real estate license application if it happened over 15 years ago?
Should I disclose a DUI and reckless operation charge on my real estate license application if it happened over 15 years ago? I don't want them to deny my application if I don't disclose this information. What should I do? Thanks!
You should carefully review the application. It asks if you have "ever been convicted" at the misdemeanor or felony...
I got pulled over in lake forest ca for driving on suspended license due to dui.If dmv reinstates my license will that help me?
I was pulled over for litter on hwy Cvc 23112(a). I got cited for Cvc 14601.2(a) misdemeanor.i was driving mothers car and they impounded car(30) day hold. The officer also gave me a pink slip I signed it and it says I have been verbally notified by peace officer or dmv official.I finished my first offender program and I have sr22.If I go to dmv and get my license will I be able to get it reduced to an infraction and will my mom be able to get her car out of impound before the 30 day hold?
14601.2 is a misdemeanor with a minimum of 10 days jail at 50%. Anything is possible and I strongly suggest that you...