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Entry into UK with 4 year old DUI yes or no
My son has a 4 year old DUI on his record he is planning a trip to England will his DUI keep him from entering the country?
I doubt this will be a problem. Canada, however, is a no go.
Can a first time DUI offense of .08 bad cause a denial in a CA car dealership business license application?
was arrested a year a go and plead guilty in court 4 months ago. i have finally saved up enough to open a car lot but am a little concerned about my DUI conviction. i know they are only concerned about felony charged and my misdemeanor wouldn't affect anything but just wanted to double check
I'm going to move this post to administrative law where you will get lawyers more experienced with licensing matters....
How can I remove a Tier 1 conviction from my record?
I had a DUI w/my daughter in the car and it's showing up as child cruelty/Possible death. It was originally a felony but charges were dropped to misdemeanor. However, this is severely affecting my record.
You cannot remove anything from your record. There is no eraser. If you successfully completed probation, you may...
Sentence to 125 days on 1st PBV on my 3rd DUI in Orange County, How much time will I do? Can prop 47 allow me release early?
Original Sentence was 75 days because I did 180 in rehab on my own and I was allowed to apply foe SEC house arrest. I didn't enroll in time because of funds, At my PBV hearing I was sentence to 125 days. Can I apply for prop 47? I have a full time job and a family and need to know my options, If any.
Prop 47 does absolutely nothing for you. Prop 47 reclassified some offenses, principally drug possession and theft...
Cause of delay in filing Dui charges
Dose it normally take eight months or more for the Riverside DA to get to a case? This is a delay and the anxiety is killing me
The DA has up to a year to file charges involving a misdemeanor. Generally DUI charges are misdemeanors and as such...
How will I know if I'm Charged with DUI or Not charged with a dui
Will I get a letter from the DA if no charges are filed. I know they send you one if charges are filed but what if they reject?
If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI, you typically have to post bail, or will be given a citation with a future...
Should I request a DMV hearing even if I don't think I have a chance? Today is the 10th day. I don't have an attorney yet.
Im under 21 and had a BAC way over .8. I don't have court till mid January, but im not sure what I should do. Im VERY confused. Im not sure if its even worth it to request a hearing because I was legally intoxicated and the signs were obvious. Would it possibly make my temporary license longer if I requested one though? What could happen? Also, what would I do to make sure I can have my license to drive back and forth to classes when It comes to that? Please help. TIA.
You should always hire a qualified attorney to handle a DUI. Even though you may not believe that you have any defenses...