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Hello, Can I be found guilty of a dui at a check point as a passenger in the car. I am on probation for previous dui in 2012.
We left a sports bar, I was the passenger my friend was trying to fix her seat and couldn't so she pulled over for me to help her. I got in the seat moved it up for her then got back in the passenger side. All my belongings wallet, keys, phone were on passenger side. About a mile up we hit a check point and both received dui's. The cop said he did not see me driving but he did see me get out the car sit in driver seat then got back to the passenger seat. What can i be charged or found guilty of? I am on probation for previous dui in 2012. Driver is now changing her story about what happened because she is scared to get a dui. We both have different court cases not codefendents. The vehicle is her car. Looking for some straight forward answers or questions I should be talking to my attorney with as he is not giving me much info other than telling me the evidence against me is not strong. I do not want to plea to a dui, or wet and reckless when I was not driving. This incident can cost me my career if I don't get it taken care correctly. I appreciate any insight and advise you can give. Thanks
You can be found guilty of DUI on such facts. A jury may take a skeptical view of such a story. Why, for example...
I have a driving on suspended license and drug paraphernalia charge in riverside county. Am I looking at jail time ?
I was driving in Lake Elsinore, Ca. and was pulled over. I have a suspended license for a DUI I got over over 3 years ago. At the time of my DUI I had a suspended license as well. I DID NOT have drugs on me but they found drug paraphernalia. My car was impounded and I was cited and released. I have a court date and I was wondering what am I looking at as for a consequences. I got a letter stating that I am eligible for Prop 36 but am I looking at jail time? My bond is $3,500. Will I be taken into custody on my court date ?
If you received a notice that you are Proposition 36 eligible then it is NOT likely that you will receive jail time....
I read on this site that DUI consist of two hearings, DMV and court. Son is also schedule for CHP hearing, should we be concern?
First time DUI... Had drinks night before. Had car accident at 11:00am due to car malfunction, not sure of proper car part name but basically part that holds rear wheel broke causing his tire popped and he lost control in highway hitting the freeway side wall. CHP came to accident site. No other property injured or damaged.
DUI is serious, be sure to see a ticket attorney. Don't treat this as a simple matter.
Entry into UK with 4 year old DUI yes or no
My son has a 4 year old DUI on his record he is planning a trip to England will his DUI keep him from entering the country?
I doubt this will be a problem. Canada, however, is a no go.
Can a first time DUI offense of .08 bad cause a denial in a CA car dealership business license application?
was arrested a year a go and plead guilty in court 4 months ago. i have finally saved up enough to open a car lot but am a little concerned about my DUI conviction. i know they are only concerned about felony charged and my misdemeanor wouldn't affect anything but just wanted to double check
I'm going to move this post to administrative law where you will get lawyers more experienced with licensing matters....
How can I remove a Tier 1 conviction from my record?
I had a DUI w/my daughter in the car and it's showing up as child cruelty/Possible death. It was originally a felony but charges were dropped to misdemeanor. However, this is severely affecting my record.
You cannot remove anything from your record. There is no eraser. If you successfully completed probation, you may...
Sentence to 125 days on 1st PBV on my 3rd DUI in Orange County, How much time will I do? Can prop 47 allow me release early?
Original Sentence was 75 days because I did 180 in rehab on my own and I was allowed to apply foe SEC house arrest. I didn't enroll in time because of funds, At my PBV hearing I was sentence to 125 days. Can I apply for prop 47? I have a full time job and a family and need to know my options, If any.
Prop 47 does absolutely nothing for you. Prop 47 reclassified some offenses, principally drug possession and theft...