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  • Pickle looking for commitment from Trojans

    Oct 16, 2015 | via Commercial Dispatch 

    Whether it's in the weight room, in practice, or in a game, the second-year head coach of the New Hope High School football team wants to see which members of his team can look past all of the ups and downs and the Trojans' record and keep fighting. Pickle believes that attitude is more important that New Hope's 1-6 record because it is going to help determine who will be around to help the team reverse its fortunes this season and in the future.


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Can I get DUI felony 3rd offense expunged in Mississippi?
I am in drug court in desoto county in Mississippi. Everybody else with drug charges can get their record expunged, why can't I? I didn't hurt anyone.
The Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a very powerful lobbying group. Add to that the media coverage a wreck in which a...
Does my son need to hire an attorney or is he OK to represent himself in this matter?
He was pulled over and given a dui because his car smelled like Marijuana. They did perform a field sobriety test but that's it. No blood tests or anything like that. He did plead not guilty because he says that he had not been smoking at that time. He said it could've been his coat that the officer smelled but it wasn't his car. Also, let me add that there were no drugs found in his possession.
He definitely need to hire a DUI defense attorney if he wants a realistic chance of beating the charge.
Dui question about mississippi. .. ffrom example if you are charged with a dui first on Jan 1st and get another on Feb 1st if
You plead guilty to the dui that you received on Feb 1st first then can the state raise the first dui from Jan 1st to a dui 2nd if you was not convicted of the Jan 1st at the time of the arrest?
They can, and usually will, try to enhance the "first in time" DUI charge in situations like the one you describe....
What is the min- max fine and penalties for driving on a suspended license for a dui in ms and domestic disturbance as well?
Hornlake ms
Briefly,the charge of driving with a suspended license has penalties of two days to six months jail time,a five hundred...
Out of State DUI - Currently live in a neighboring state, but already in the process of moving cross-country
Recently I was pulled over for speeding and charged with a DUI in TN. My hearing is next month. I have retained council in TN. I live in MS, but my job is being transferred to the east coast. I understand that if convicted, TN will not take my license, but MS will. Then things with the license will be complicated because I will not be living in MS in a couple of months. I'm more concerned about how probation will work? Will TN care if I'm not living in MS anymore (as long as i'm flying back to attend classes and meetings) I'm not worried about expenses as keeping my job is my priority. (for the long run) Any advice will be appreciated. My TN attorney is only focused on TN and my MS attorney is taking a wait and see attitude. Should I call an attorney in the new state too?
You already have an attorney in TN and should ask any and all questions about the case to your attorney. When you get...
I live in hornlake and was arrested for a dui 2nd .. I was not read my rights and was forced to take a blood test against
My will I asked for a lawyer and the officer would not allow me a phone book or call to get a lawyer or to speak with one... are these grounds for dismissal or a law suit against the city or State ? And on average how much jail time is given in horn lake for a dui 2nd , and driving on suspended license no insurance and careless driving?
Like my jurisdiction of Tennessee, Mississippi appears to have tough penalties for a second offense DUI conviction...
While in Georgia, I was cited for BUI (boating under influence) BAC was .088. Will this affect my MS driving priveledges?
Originally stopped for operating a boat during hours of darkness. Official sunset for that day was 8:46PM. That citation listed 8:47PM. I was within 200 yards of docking destination. I was on a jet ski, so traveling fast and having fun with it. Agreed to field sobriety test, performed flawless. Agreed to BAC test, where .088 showed I had consumed at some point that day. Given 2 citations, taken to county jail, processed and released on bond. Park Ranger assured me the BUI charge would not affect my driving priveledges, insurance, or anything to do with driving a car. Most likely lose the right to operate a personal water craft in GA for 1 year, and of course whatever fine they impose. What is my best course of action? Do or should I go to court date? Looks like a regular ticket.
If you don't go or go without a lawyer, you're going to get hit with fines, etc. With a lawyer you have a shot at...