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Is it legal to take no action now?
A judge suspend my license in open court when I challenged the citation with out a modicum of evidence to substantiate the allegations. The judge, forced me to obtain a medical clearance from the state of Florida two times. The judge, forced me to take an Advanced Driver Improvement course, forced me to take a Florida Driving Test, and forced me to take a Behind the Wheel Test. After all of this was done in accordance with the terms of the suspension, the judge, is refusing to reinstate the license at this point arguing that he will take no position, is it legal to take no action now?
Please, pretty please, stop asking the same question over and over (assuming that you are the same person who has...
What do you think someone would get for having one violation for dirty drug test for weed and then for meth
I believe someone that failed two drug tests should get rehab
Unfortunately what you believe is irrelevant. What the Judge believes is all that matters. As to what "someone"...
How long can the court wait to suspended your license if you wrecked a vehicle with alcohol in your system?
I wrecked my vehicle in August with no other person or vehicle involved but alcohol was in my system and they just sent me a letter here in December Staten that they are suspending my license for 6 months.
It doesn't sound like the court suspended you license, since courts revoke licenses for DUI. It sounds like the...
Got a DUI in 96 my license back in 98
Since 98 Georgia put me back in the system three more times and suspended me same DUI from 96 cleared that up over the phone all three times. July 8th 2015 Georgia rent with a National Database suspended me again 4th time same ticket now they want me to take my DUI class again it's 21 years old I do not have that information anymore what do I do? ?
Do you recognize that by listing your location as "Lake City. FL" you are asking FL lawyers about GA law and procedure?...
Violated for no valid drivers licenses
Was on probation now they say I need to appear to court because I violated by having no valid drivers licenses what will happen?
If you are driving, and do not have a valid driver's license, you can be charged with the crime of driving without a...
Is this reversable or nullable?
On March 16, 2015 I got a DUI in the state of Utaw, on April 27, 2015 the state dismissed the cass w/o predgides The same day of the dismissal, the DMV revoked my CDL licenes. I was not driving CDL at time of stop. This is my lively hood and income. Can anyone help?
If the DUI was dismissed, it sounds like your CDL should not have been revoked. You should contact an attorney in Utah...
How long does law enforcement have to arrest you in a dui accident where bodily harm was caused ?
I was in an accident and they charged me with reckless driving. the other driver had minor injuries. it's been almost two years and I haven't heard from them. they took a blood sample from me at the scene.
You should consult with a criminal defense attorney in your area, but I don't think there is a time limit (statute of...