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Can I use a driver's license from another country while my State License is revoked?
I got arrested for DUI and my license will be revoked for one year if I get convicted. I have dual citizenship, therefore I can go to my other home country to get an international driver's license from there. Would this license be valid in Hawaii or any other state if I get pulled over by the police?
There is no substitute for a full conversation with a private criminal defense attorney in your area, one who handles...
I got a first time dui charge and a speeding ticket in oahu? what do I do?
I was coming home from picking up grain in Waikiki from Waikiki brewery I had a couple of drinks due to a real hard rough day over stressed I ended up getting pulled overy off of exit 20A corner of Bernie street and kalihi st. The cop even bribed me stating" he asked me if I had $500 on me or if he took me to an atm machine to take out $500 and give it to him that he would let me go with a warning and allow me to drive home..kind of like a free ticket/get out of jail.
Anyone charged with any crime needs to get a private criminal defense attorney in my opinion. That is what to do. When...
Will I serve jail time if I got arrested for DUI and harassment while being on a 2 year probation for violating a TRO.
I went to a club, had 2 beers and decided to go rest in my car. Security officer knocked on my window and asked me to leave the parking lot. I told him I was waiting for my friends to leave the club. He threatened to call the police if I didn't leave. I drove to a different level of the parking lot parked my car and walked to the street. As soon as I stepped on the sidewalk the security guard tackled me from behind and I fell on my knees. Minutes later police arrived and arrested me. They made me do the sobriety test and I did it perfectly even though my knees were bleeding. When I blew it recorded .12. When I was bailed out I noticed that I also had a harassment charge. My attorney does not want to use footage from the security cameras for my defense. I also suffer from GERD which I just found out can cause the breathalyzer to show high readings. I am very scared of the outcome if I get convicted for these two charges. I'm currently on probation for one TRO violation. I need advice please!
You indicate you have counsel. Explore your concerns with your attorney. You can consider hiring new counsel if you...
Who's law do I follow in regards to the DUI, HNL or CA? How strong is my case? if I am aquitted will my CA license be reinsate
I am licensed in California, but got a DUI in Honolulu. At the time of the DUI the only license I had on my was an expired license, the replacement was on the way in the mail. When it finally came in the mail it had the wrong state listed, I spoke to someone at the DMV, they recognized the error, and resent another license. When I received that one it still had the wrong state (OT was listed as the State). In any case from the moment I was pulled over till the arrest it was all done in a matter of 10, maybe 15 mins including the breath test (.12, which can't be used in Honolulu anyways) and the FST. I apparently didn't do the FST test correctly, but I also have a 3 year history of weekly back therapy, I wear a knee and back brace, have a documented history of speech impediment, and glasses for seeing at night. The officer did not ask me if there were any conditions that would have prevented me from completing the test, the only way I knew about a medical questionnaire was when the police report. I have a 3 year documented history so if i asked I would have confirmed I have medical issues. In addition I am a 6 ft 280 polynesian male.
You have a number of factors in your case which, if you hired the right attorney, could help you tremendously. With...
What kind of outcome do you expect in this case?
I got a court arraignment in a week for an 8 year old bench warrant for a third dui. When I originally got arrested for the third dui, I posted bail and never returned or followed up with the courts. Bail was forfeited. My first 2 duis are cleared up. 8 years I later I want to put this matter behind me so I paid the bond of 1200.
You can expect a hefty penalty. There are very few things that judges and juries hate more than jumping bail. You...
What is the best wording to request to reconsider administrative revocation of license in Hawaii?
I have my first DUI in Hawaii and now have my license revoked.
The best wording will be drafted by an attorney who knows the law inside and out.
How is it that I got a penal summons to appear in court next month when i have complied with all of the court procedures & fines
2 yrs. Ago got a dui. License was revoked. Got caught driving 2 times while my permit to drive to and from work had expired. The court kept issuing a continuance each time I appeared in court because of the absence of the officer's. After the final continuance the judge dismissed the case with out prejudice. I received my fine money back, obtained a relicensing form from the ADLRO so that I can get my license back. I have complied with the court in everything I had to. Today I get a police officer at my door step handing me a penal summons to appear in court next month. How is this possible?
Really need more information. What does the summons say, and what is the case number? If it is the same case number...