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Will these 2 months I have been waiting, be counted towards any probation I may receive
I am 56, never had a ticket or been arrested, til 2 mos ago got a owi, I hired a lawyer, my licsense was suspended for 180 days, its been 2 months and I haven't heard from anyone
Certainly, the only attorney that can answer your question is your own. The 2 months while your case is pending does...
Will a 10 year old DUI conviction affect sentencing for a current DUI case?
My partner is being charged with a Class A misdemeanor for operating with a BAC above .15%. He has a past DUI conviction from over 10 years ago. I understand because the conviction is so old it cannot enhance the sentence, but is this something that would mean he is likely to face the steeper end of 1st time offense penalties? Can a judge consider an offense so far back when sentencing?
Yes. Prior criminal history is one of the most important factors a judge considers in sentencing. This is especially...
How can his sentence be reduced?
So my friend is in all this legal trouble because he shoplifted. He decided to go with this work release thing (like they basically go around and clean up the city for 8-9 hours a day on the weekends) and not do the 30 days in jail. He passed his first drug test last week but failed it this week. Now he's in jail and they said he'll be in there for one year. (Maybe six on good behavior I'm not sure how any of this works) Is there gonna be bail or any way to make it reduced?
There at many potential factors to consider to see if this is possible. Someone will have to meet with a local criminal...
Can I do something to have my case closed early with cps?
I was wondering if there was anything I could do to close my case early? Like going to court etc. My daughter fell down the steps and broke her leg almost 3 months ago and they opened a case against me, they said there is no evidence and no reason to believe my children are being abused. They opened an IA with me for 6 months with random drugs screens because I was smoking marijuana. I am clean now and I don't see any reason to continue the case. They don't show up when they say they are going too and i get drug screened once a week which no one has showed up to do yet. I just want the case closed so we don't have to worry 24/7 about when we can go out and schedule our plans around them saying they will show up and not come.
The specific answer will come from cps and your attorney. Best of luck since none of us lawyers have your case no way...
Do I have to answer any questions or submit to a drug screening for DCS at our first meeting.Haven't spoke with attorney yet
Overdosed and was arrested.DCS took children. I have an appointment to speak with DCS but have not had a chance to speak with my attorney.Do not want to hurt my case by saying something that will be used against me later.
Technically, no. However, if you overdosed your children will most likely be found CHINS children anyways. Ask DCS to...
Do I have to continue to do as cps says or can i refuse entry of my home even though they been in before?
OK i just moved to the area about 3 months ago and its been nothing but trouble for me and my family ....cps came to door and with no experience at all with this I let them in girlfriend took test and passed for everything, me i refused to take test . They closed the case well another bogus call got made and cps came back again and reopened case ( im a recovering addict ) I was stressed out with life itself so when i left town i got with old friends and done meth but when cps showed up the 2nd time i was really pissed off cause me and my wife take good care of our kid so I jumped up out of bed and said I will take the test not thinking my prior use of meth ...results come back i failed for marijuana and meth and its been hell ever since but I have passed all other drug screens besides failing for marijuana and I told them from the begining that I was gonna fail for marijuana and they was ok with that my question to you is Do I have to continue to do as cps says or can I respectfully refuse them entry of the home after already being inside the home . What exactly should I do to protect my child from these horrible government agencies
Yes you can refuse everything cps asks. make sure you tell your family/cps lawyer and hopefully when cps removes your...
What type of lawyer do I need?
I'm a driver for O'Reilly Auto Parts.October 2015 I was in an accident while driving one of their vehicles. The manager did not turn in the financial responsibility affidavit. This has caused my license to be suspended. I had moved and the address on my license was not the same as where I live. So I continue driving for the company not knowing that my license was suspended. They are saying they had no idea at the time either.
Look for a traffic or criminal defense attorney. Most will not charge to speak with you.