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Might take a DUI or DWI plea deal. I want to know if that Wil effect my immigration case and status. No one was hurt no damage. Refusal DUI.
Speak to a immigration attorney immediately. Being on probation can cause you problems with getting a green card.
When leaving a friends bbq around 950pm, I was pulling out of a field next to the house. Which had a slight hill. I couldn't see that well and when pulling out almost pulled out in front of another vehicle. 2nd attempt I pulled out about half way and noticed another vehicle coming. I tried to hurry and squealed the tires going from the field to the street. I was pulled over for engaged in exhibition of speed (2)(a). Everyone from the bbq was in the back yard and besides the car that had just passed, no one was around to "engaged in a speed contest" with. I need my licence for my job and a dui/dwai will effect the career path I would like to go into. Is this something I can fight myself. Most dui attorney's I talked to hadn't heard of the charge, could a traffic attorney help.
This is not something you can fight yourself with any reasonable chance of success. If the court finds that no...
dont have a job. running out of money. Elderly parents need help. i am doing required classes, community service, etc. but therapy and probation will run after my lease is up in July. I am single and 52.
It is possible to have the balance of your probation transferred to Texas but they have to agree. Speak with your...
i violated probation within a week or two of being released from probation. i was fully compliant for nearly all of 12 months. i still owe some fines and failed to report to my probation officer to be released.
The fact that you violated probation, failed to report to your supervising probation officer, and have not paid all of...
i will have a interlock device for up too 2 years<, is this something that will be still needed in Ohio and can i get a new Ohio diver license?
I hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of adding the tag "Ohio" to your question, so some lawyers from there...
My biggest thing is...I committed my offense in Nov 2007 and didn't drive until able to afford, finally, Dec 2013 to get my license reinstated and the interlock installed. They extended because they're treating it as a new case, a case under new law 1/14 for "early reinstatement". Why wouldn't my rules fall under those of 2007 or 2008? Over six years later certainly is not "early". I do not know what caused the fails but I was told not to try again any time soon if I failed, so I got rides and didn't start the car again until the next day which is what seems to have been the decision maker. So, in a murder trial I would have to be proven guilty but it's assumed I had been drinking for these fails...why wouldn't my readings have been higher. I have stopped using mouthwash, hairspray.
There are ways to fight the DMV challenges to your Interlock fails. You need to contact a good DUI attorney who is...
so i got my first dui when i was 18 i blew a .022 (dui). then today i got pulled over and refused road side tests. and was taken to jail they made me do either a breathalizer or a blood test so i choose a breathalizer and blew a .073. im pretty sure that a dui is .08 or higher. im in adams county and just wondering what might happen to me?
There are a few things that may help you gain some peace of mind initially. First, a second alcohol related driving...