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Chances of dui getting dropped, by disproving reason for the stop.
When leaving a friends bbq around 950pm, I was pulling out of a field next to the house. Which had a slight hill. I couldn't see that well and when pulling out almost pulled out in front of another vehicle. 2nd attempt I pulled out about half way and noticed another vehicle coming. I tried to hurry and squealed the tires going from the field to the street. I was pulled over for engaged in exhibition of speed (2)(a). Everyone from the bbq was in the back yard and besides the car that had just passed, no one was around to "engaged in a speed contest" with. I need my licence for my job and a dui/dwai will effect the career path I would like to go into. Is this something I can fight myself. Most dui attorney's I talked to hadn't heard of the charge, could a traffic attorney help.
This is not something you can fight yourself with any reasonable chance of success. If the court finds that no...
I am on probation for a DUAI for 18 mo. My lease is up in july. Can I move to Texas to be near my parents and take care of them?
dont have a job. running out of money. Elderly parents need help. i am doing required classes, community service, etc. but therapy and probation will run after my lease is up in July. I am single and 52.
It is possible to have the balance of your probation transferred to Texas but they have to agree. Speak with your...
My boyfriend violated his parol can he get his parol reinstated??
he caught a few charges like resisting arrest, dui, crimainal mischif, disorderly conduct, and parol violation. could he get reinstated?? could he possibly get out??
If his parole has been violated it is unlikely he will be given another shot at parole anytime in the near future....
Will my DUI suspension show up in a University background check?
I was arrested for a DUI last year Feb 2017 in Illinois. I was placed on court supervision, and was never convicted. As long as I complete my supervision requirements the entire case will be dismissed. My question is that if the case wont be dismissed until May of this year, 2018, (I have completed my requirements) will a background check from CU Boulder reveal my case now in January 2018? Im not sure if that information crosses state lines if I was never convicted of anything. I won't be driving in my job so according to their policies they will not be looking at my driving record.
The answer to your question depends on the exact terms of your agreement in Illinois. There are 2 possibilities, a...
If my criminal DUI case is dismissed, but the DMV rules against me, how does that affect my record?
My criminal case was dismissed due to the officer not having had sufficient reason to contact me (he claimed it was failure to use a turn signal when I was parking, but I was on private property not a public roadway). Despite this, the DMV ruled against me. How does this affect my record? Will it cause my insurance rates to go up, etc? Also will this information come up if I ever get pulled over for speeding or anything in the future? I'm trying to decide whether to appeal the DMV case.
The Court case and the DMV case are separate and the outcome of one does not effect the other. There are time limits...
How can I fight an MIP charge?
I was out last weekend with a large group of friends when I was singled out of the group and targeted by the officers. Despite the fact that I was intoxicated (not trying to deny this), I wasnt stumbling around, my friends werent carrying me, I wasnt slurring my words, etc. which are usually telltale signs of someone deserving of police intervention. I politely answered the questions I was asked and was completely compliant. However, the cop was extremely rude to me and despite knowing everyone I was with in the group was also intoxicated I was the only one to receive an MIP. I was also taken to the drunk tank, despite myself and friends asking to just be taken or walk home (as I was about a block away) after I was given the ticket. The officer didn't ask my permission to give a breathalyzer test yet still made me take one, he also hand cuffed me before placing me in the car and taking me to the drunk tank despite my willingness to comply to his demands. I just want to know if theres anything I can do to try and lower the cost of everything and what/if any legalities I can mention that will help me out. Im just trying to gather as much helpful information as possible that I can use
If you were drunk, and compliantly mentioned to the cop that you were drunk, you are unlikely to prevail on an MIP...
Arrested for second DUI. Is there anything I can do before court to better demonstrate remorse?
Recently arrested for second DUI. Are there any steps such as classes, treatment, etc. I can preemptively take that might better demonstrate remorse before I go to court? There wasn't an accident or anything, I just got pulled over for weaving. I'm really scared that I'm going to get a bunch of straight jail time because the second DUI arrest happened only a couple months shy of five years from the first one. Do I have any good or even reasonably good options?
Yes, there is a lot you could be doing. For starters, you could enroll in alcohol education (which you will probably...