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Does the California DMV have to state its requirement for an IID in its Findings and Decision document after a 2nd DUI?
After a DMV administrative hearing, I received its' Notification of Findings and Decision (NFD) which stated there was reasonable cause that I violated VC 23140, 23152, or 23153 and my license was therefore suspended for one year. DMV determined this to be my 2nd DUI (court determined it was first and imposed no IID requirement). The NFD stated three reinstatement requirements: 1) $125 reissue fee, 2) Proof of Financial Responsibility, and Completion of DUI program. It did not state I could not be issued a to/from work and DUI program restricted license during the one year suspension or cite any IID condition. My license has been suspended four months and I just registered a vehicle and provided proof of DUI enrollment and an SR-22 yesterday when I was told an IID is my only option.
I hate to tell you, but the requirements vary from county to county in California. I don't frequent Contra Costa county,...
Can you drive your kids on a restricted license in California ?
I was wondering if I am stay home mom and my work is at home and includes taking kids to sports practices etc. , if I am allowed to drive on a restricted license.
The restricted license is to and from work and work related if your job actually includes taking children to sports...
I'm 18 was with 17 year old friend. He stole alcohol and got drunk. His dad thinks I bought it for him. His dad stole my phone.
He started screaming and threatened to call the police on me. I was shocked at his accusations and didn't want any confrontation so I left. He stole my phone. What should I do? He also suggested that I had sex with his son. What should I do?
Speak to your parents. Make a police report about your phone. Perhaps the police will convince your friend's father...
No charges have been pressed since being arrested for a DUI; am I in the clear? Also, how do I get my license back?
I was arrested for a DUI on June 3rd 2011and they took my license. I've been checking throughout the year, and no charges have been pressed, but I haven't checked recently. Am I safe to call and see if charges have been pressed without fearing that the DA will move quickly to do so? Also, how could my license be suspended without charges ever being pressed? How do I get it back?
It's never a wise idea to call the DA. If charges had been filed you would know it. For the status of your driver's...
Will DMV extend my license suspension if I was convicted of driving with a suspended license?
I was arrested for a DUI on October 30 2009 and convicted of a wet reckless on may 12, 2010. I thought I had a restricted license because DMV sent me a new drivers license in the mail after I was arrested for DUI an I got pulled over and was told I was driving on a suspended license. Then a couple months later I had a family emergency and had to drive and was pulled over again and was still on a suspended license. My original date to get my license back is May 13, 2011. Will DMV extend my license suspension if the court already issued me to the work alternative program if all my fines are paid?
Yes many times the DMV will suspend your license. You should consult with an attorney to assist you in the new 14601.2...
What are my chances to get my DUI charge reduced to wet reckless?
Pulled over in Lafayette CA. I am 19. Blood test showed .12 Officer stopped me for possible red light violation. Was not cited for red light. Very small amount of pot in my car. (Admitted to smoking 4 hours earlier). Was arrested. Officer never read me my rights. I do not have a lot of money for an attorney. Planning to plead not guilty, request a pre-trial conference, and request then. This is my first DUI arrest, (or any other for that matter)
I hate to say it, but without an experienced attorney in your corner, your chances based on what you wrote are slim......
What do I need to ask the clerk to get proof that i completed all of my dui sentence? l
Last time I went they just gave me a copy of my file and the sentencing docs but nothing to show it was completed
That's probably the best you can do.