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  • Florida man may face charges for shooting bear that ...

    Monday Nov 10 | via The Post-Standard 

    A Florida man recently shot and killed an estimated 450 to 500 black bear at close range last month as it was trying to enter his home through a window. He may face charges, though, as killing bears in Florida is illegal.


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  • Man Kills 500-Pound Black Bear That Broke Into His Home

    Tuesday Oct 28 | via CBS Local 

    The station is owned and operated by CBS RADIO, [...] CBS Sports 1010 Contact Us 9721 Executive Center Drive North Suite 200 St Petersburg, FL 33702 Main Office Number: 579-1925 View on the map here FAQs Q: Can I listen to the station on my smart phone? [...] CW44 Station Bio- WTOG-TV first began operations on November 4, 1968, broadcasting on UHF channel 44. Originally owned my Minnesota-based Hubbard Broadcasting Corp., WTOG solidified itself in the Tampa Bay market by being the area's only [...] LADY LAKE, Fla. - A man shot and killed a 500-pound black bear that broke into his home, according to WKMG-TV .


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    Tuesday Oct 28 | via WTKS-FM Maitland 

    If you know the whereabouts of the person, or details of the crime featured below, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1000. The Orange County Sheriff's Office is seeking assistance to identify the suspect in a robbery.


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I live in lady lake fl and just finished dealing with 3 cops 1 ambulance and a firetruck. You see what had happened was I had been cleaning my vehicle, which was parked in my driveway.I was in the drivers seat and the keys were in the ignition because I was listening to the radio. At some point I fell asleep. I was not under the influence of alcohol. Neat thing I know I am awoken by two cops asking me all these questions and I didn't understand what was going on, was afraid and very disoriented due to the whole ordeal. I thought Ibwas dreaming and was very groggy as. They were asking me numerous different questions. They threatened me with arrest and dui. Could they have really done that even though I was on my own property and not under the influence. I was just very disoriented and groggy and I was having a hard time answering all their questions.
You could have been cited for being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol...
Friend asked ride to scrapyard. Directed me to house, he picked up load of junk. Directed to another house, he loaded metal shelf out of rubbish pile in yard. Homeowner pulled up, cursed, threatened me. i offered shelf back, he refused, chest bumping me.screaming in my face. he went after friend- i got in truck, friend did same. He busted window in my truck out. , i took off. After couple miles, maybe chased?camper topper-difficult to see behind. Missed stopsign - t boned a car. My passenger, myself, and driver other car bayflighted .. Fathers insurance(his truck) paid 10,000 each 2other driver & my passenger.. 1 month later summons petite theft .2 mos later sumons leaving scene prop damage. 3 mos leave scene w/o info.. Question from 3rd charge. seen no ticket or officer
It is unclear what your question is. Rather than posting online, I'd encourage you to meet with an experienced...
I did community service, paid my fines, went to alcohol education, went to mothers against drunk driving etc. Recently I went to Canada to visit a school and I was detained in Imagration indicating I cannot enter the country because of my DUI from 10 years ago. They gave me a lot of paperwork etc but told me to get it expunged if I could. Does Florida allow this????? and how do I go about it?
If you were convicted, unfortuately it would not qualify for expungement.
there was no wreck or property damage, i wasn't asked to blow or take any test. the only thing i can think of , is they looked at the video where i got gas. they came to my house 45min after i got home
I take from your question that you were in fact arrested and are questioning whether they can do that. If that's...
The only evidence in this case is the officer's statement, I did well on the roadside test, except the nystagmous test, My video was not bad, I was not slurring, but was very argumentative and asking for a blood test....three times. Because I knew that I was being set up for a dui. No breathalizer, no breath test. I was in a vacation area, had never been there before. was driving and came up on a curve in the road, which immediately turned into 1 lane because of construction. I almost hit some roadside cones, trying to get into the open lane,...lots of traffic. A person supposedly called and said I had hit barriacades. Two hours later at a beach parking lot is when the officers approached me. I was walking away from my car, but I think the officers thought I had gotten into the car.
If the officer did not approach you until you were out of your car, and never saw you driving, your chances of winning...
not the court has given me a habitual offender suspension for 5 years.I am moving back to ohio.when I call the bmv in ohio they tell me all I have to do is re test for my license.When I re test in ohio will the florida bmv suspention show up.Remember I never got a florida license and the suspention was not court ordered.
It should show up. I'm guessing that you were issued a citation in Florida. What Florida does to/for out of state...
My DUI charge was reduced to wreckless driving, but I was ordered by the court to complete Level I DUI School. However, I had a DUI about 17 years ago, and now the DUI school is saying I must enroll in Level II? Can this be right? If I've only been ordered by the court to complete Level I??
If the Court ordered Level 1, then that is all you have to complete in order to comply with the terms of your probation....