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  • Ladson incident: Two men face pending drug and weapo...

    Tuesday | via Summerville Journal Scene 

    Deputies in Berkeley County say a Ladson man's common law wife had two men with her when she arrived home around 9 p.m. Jan. 15. Not long after that all three males would end up at the hospital where a, bat swinging shooting victim was treated and an assault suspect was found with enough evidence hidden in his body for a pending drug charge. The incident summary given to the media by Chief Deputy Mike Cochran stated the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office responded to 209 Miami St. in Ladson at 9:10 p.m. after a call from dispatch about a shooting.


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  • Special ed teacher, 27, 'had tryst with her student,...

    Monday Jan 15 | via Daily Mail 

    'I want to be your wife': Special education teacher, 27, is caught 'sexting with her 12-year-old student by the girl's father after months-long affair' Allison Leigh Chilton, a middle school teacher from South Carolina, charged with criminal solicitation of a minor and criminal sexual conduct Chilton was arrested after her student's father found text messages from the teacher on girl's phone; one text read, 'I just want to hold you' Bad teacher: Allison Leigh Chilton, a special education teacher from South Carolina, has been charged with criminal solicitation of a minor and criminal sexual conduct involving her 12-year-old student A middle school teacher from South Carolina has been charged with carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a 12-year-old student, which came to light after the child's father discovered suggestive text message exchanges between the two.


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  • Dorchester District 2 teacher accused of kissing, ha...

    Wednesday Jan 10 | via Post and Courier 

    A Dorchester County middle school teacher is accused of kissing and sending sexual text messages to a 12-year-old student over the course of several months, according to court documents. Allison Leigh Chilton, 27, was arrested Tuesday after the student's father told deputies he suspected Chilton was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with his daughter, a student at Oakbrook Middle School in Ladson.


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  • After man is shot five times in Ladson, his death is...

    Friday Dec 22 | via Post and Courier 

    Zachary Cole Davanzo was shot to death Aug. 15 outside this mobile home on Meese Road in Ladson. Berkeley County Sheriff's Office/Provided Zachary Cole Davanzo was shot to death Aug. 15 outside this mobile home on Meese Road in Ladson.


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Ladson Law

Should i be worried about jail time
im 18 and was charged with misdemeanor DUI, Open Container and Minor in possession of Alcohol, this is my first offense and on the breathalyzer i got 0.00 the open container was an empty flask in the glove box and the alcohol was an un opened bottle of wine in the trunk of the car, i did not consent to a search they marked that a blood sample was taken even though no blood or urine was taken from me and set a bond of $1500 I'm worried about facing jail time because i was officially arrested though i was not fingerprinted nor was my picture taken.
A DUI first offense can be a nightmare for someone. While jail time is a possibility, usually there is the option to...
My dui was dismissed, do I still need to complete the ADSAP course?
My dui was dropped and I was only charged for speeding. Do I still need to take an Adsap course? I have to take a driving course for the speeding. But my dui was.dropped because my arresting officer didn't say my rights
You should ask your DUI attorney, as he heard what the Judge ordered. You must complete everything the Judge ordered...
DUI arrest with CDL?
Am I eligible to get a license if I've been arrested for DUI, refused the breath test and have a CDL?
You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney prior to trial. Do not miss your Court date and allow...
Can I get jail time in SC for an open container if I have 2 previous DUIs?
I was pulled and officers smelled alcohol and asked if I had anything in the car, I said no. They saw an empty can in the back and searched and found an open beer. Hadn't taken a sip though. Got a ticket for open container. What my concern is possible jail time because I have 2 previous 13 years ago, one 6. Should I just pay the fine online and have it in my record, or see if it will be reduced?
There is nothing really that an open container charge can be reduced to. Its already the lowest level for a criminal...
How do I request a continuance for DUI charge?
I refused breath test. I do not have an Atty will have money next week Docket signing this morning
You can ask the Court for a continuance, but do not miss a Court date. At the very least you can ask for a jury trial....
Military DUI can I fight it? And will this affect me civally or will it stay in house?
I was coming home from a friends house, when I was less than a mile from my military housing I was pulled over for "Failure to maintain lane" although there are no lanes or markers on the street in out housing. I was then taken into the station for the breathalyzer where it did not work. I was then transported to another location where that breathalyzer also did not work. Finally at the 3rd place after about 3 hours I took the breathalyzer where I blew a .14.
Are you active duty? Request your representation if base police arrested you. It will be reported to DMV and hit your...
Can I appeal a DUAC?
In July of 2016 as I was driving home from my birthday party I had a diabetes issue, hypoglycemia, and passed out while driving. It's true that I had four beers in the span of 5 hours and was no where near drunk. I explained to the arresting officer that I was in a hypoglycemic state and he flat ignored me. I was arrested for dui and booked. I blew .09, legal is .08. Before the breathalyzer the officer was adamant that I had way more than I confessed to. However, when he saw the results he stated that I most certain,y did only have a couple of beers. In court the judge requested on 3 occasions that the charge be dropped to wreck less driving. I had brought documents supporting my medical condition and how the ketoacids from being in a hypoglycemic state form in the mouth and will give a false reading. Also proof that when in a hypoglycemic state, one appears to be drunk as hell. This was not reduced to wreck less driving because the arresting officer would not agree to the lesser charge. Makes me wonder who really is in charge in court. Is there any thing I can do to get the duac reduced to wreck less based on the judges recommendstion in an appeal?
I am assuming that you did not have a criminal defense lawyer at your prior trial. Yes, you can appeal the conviction...