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Is the judge going to make me get an interlock system?
My first dui, im 19 and my alchohal level was .13%. I was arrested in west covina ca, and ended up in LA county jail. They released me 12 hrs later.
If convicted, yes. Find a good lawyer to help with court and the dmv.
Can I remove my ignition interlock device?
This past month I renewed my license, and according to DMV records, I'm no longer required to have an IID installed when driving. However, within my court transcript, it's stated that I must have it until August. (This was due to the fact that I was pulled over driving on a suspended license after my DUI, thus the judge tacked on 6 more months) My question is this: how will the courts even know whether I still have the device installed or not? I have already submitted the paperwork showing that the device was installed, but once I have it removed am I supposed to provide some sort of last invoice to the courts?
If the length of time you must keep the interlock device installed is a condition of probation that is the length. The...
Ignition interlock device
I live in LA County. I am aware I will need to install an IID for 5 months. Question is when? I am due to be able to get a restricted license next week. I have filed an sr-22 and enrolled in a DUI program. Do i need to install the IID prior to my appointment to reissue my license? My court date is still over a month away. I have heard conflicting stories and just a legit answer. I need to drive for work and the past 30 days without driving has hurt me tremendously financially. Thank you
First, if you had a qualified dui attorney on your case, call them, as they will be in a much better position to answer...
I am 20 yrs old, received a DUi in Indiana, court date is in two weeks and i live in CA. can i request a change of venue?
passed the field sorbrity test, then was taken to police station and blood was taken. never has a DUI in any state. Officers never returned my drivers licesene and joked that they never had a CA one and would keep it as a souvenir. is a change a venue possible or do i need to appear in Indiana on the appointed court date?
You need to either appear in Indiana or hire an attorney in Indiana to appear for you. The best decision would be to...
How can I get my dui expunged?
I got a DUI back in 2009, I hired a lawyer and he got it dropped to a wet wreck less. In the DMV system it still shows a a DUI. How can I get this taken off my driving and criminal record if possible.
You cannot have it removed from your DMV driving history nor your criminal record. You may need to submit certified...
Will I get charged with a DUI?
This past weekend I got pretty drunk on a college campus with some friends. I got in my car (fully intending NOT to drive), turned it on, and warmed it up so I could go to sleep easier. A police officer came by and I got out of the car and started talking with him. He definitely knew that I was drunk but didn't breathalyze me or do any other sobriety tests. I asked him if he was going to write me up for anything but he said no since I wasn't doing anything wrong. He wrote down my information and then let me go. My question is will I get any unpleasant mail/notices regarding a DUI? While I wasn't driving I know I can still be charged with one because I was "operating" a car.
California is a "driving" state with limited exceptions to that element. You were not driving, your license was not...
How can i get my license back after a dui?
got a dui 8 years ago and did jail time in lieu of paying fines and all that jazz. court judge dismissed everything. dmv now wants me to do everything the court judge told me to do (dui classes, sr-22, get insurance BEFORE i can get my license, etc). i have been unemployed since i received my dui and can't pay for what the dmv wants me to do. i can't afford to pay for anything the dmv wants me to do because i'm unemployed. i have been unemployed because i don't have the proper transportation to get to a job. what can i do to avoid paying for anything and just get my license/life back? i have not been in any legal trouble since. i just want to be a normal productive human in society again.
If you can't afford the classes, etc what makes you believe that you can afford a car, gas and maintenance. That costs...