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Can I save my CDL'S if being charged with DUI and wreckless driving all on same incident?
I currently hold my cdls. I was driving my personal car and got pulled over. I wasnt thinking right. Goodlettsville police and Davidson county police were both involved. Goodlettsville did the breathalyzer and I blew a .162. They gave me a ticket for my window tinting and speeding(117 in a 45). Davidson county gave me a Dui and wreckless driving(going 77 in a 35). I'm not sure why I got all these different citations and charges from the same incident. What are my chances of getting no dui or no wreckless driving? What would I get? I need a great attorney!
Call rob McKinney in Nashville. He is the DUI atty in that area. You got problems! Sounds like a bad case.
What can i get this dropped down to?
i was in a fender bender at a gas station. i had felt a seizure coming on so i pulled in. i was wearing flip flops and the bottom got stuck to the floorboard and i rolled into a van. there were alot of people around and i did have a seizure. when i came to i was asked so many questions, overwhelmed, threw up. took me in an ambulance to the e.r.they discharged me a police officer arrested me for a dui. i never was asked to take a breathalizer and they never took blood either. at the time i didnt know i was gonna be arrested or i asked them to. i had nothing inme. what can i reduce this down to
Theoretically, you could get the charged dismissed. As a practical matter you're going to have a hard time doing...
What will Tennessee do if I get a dui conviction in Virginia?
I was convicted of dui in Virginia & have completed my sentence. However, I have yet to pay my fines or do my community service. If the deadline for those passes what will Tennessee do? What will Virginia be able to do?
Virginia may issue a warrant for your arrest. In the event that that occurs, Tennessee would have to extradite you, and...
In Rutherford county tn new rule in general sessions court every violation not drug charges has to take drug test
My husband going to court for about 5 mths now cause of ppc he was on probation cause of driving on suspended licence he has taken over 10 drug test he keeps passing court reset s date comes back wants another test how is this legal this is not drug court and he never signed papers agreeing to this they doing this to every body terry king said its the judges and da which we all know are crooks of course they gonna charge for this how is this constitutional? And where can I go to put a stop to crooked Rutherford county tn this is affecting my heath I have kidney stones I can't even get that taking care of cause we always in court
When your husband plead guilty in court, he agreed to all terms of probation. Drug tests are apparently the terms of...
Are you allowed to refuse being watched while taking a ua drug test at a doctors office?
I go to a suboxone clinic and I have never failed a drug test in the whole year I've been going there. Am I allowed to refuse to be watched while taking a urine drug test
No unfortunately you have to have someone watch you to make sure you don't cheat.
What can happen to me if I have a clean record, but charged with a 1st time DUI 2 months after the accident once I go to court?
I flipped my car over in the medium along the interstate I24 Westbound in Smyrna Tennessee on April 2, 2017 because of bright lights shone in my eyes that blurred my vision, and to avoid an 18 wheeler to the right of me. No-one or anything else was involved or hurt, other than myself and my car. I was given a citation to appear in court on June 13, 2017 and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Discharged a few hours later to my best friend who picked me up, the Dr. did tell me that I may be charged with DUI when I appear in court because I had alcohol in my system. He did not say what my level was. I am very afraid! I am an educator who has recently started the process of returning to school to become a child physiologist. Will I have to go to jail, loose my license/have restricted license for work only, have to have one of those breath things in my car,has this damaged my record for the rest of my life that will forever haunt/hurt me? I just read all of those things online. Please help! I am loosing my mind with the thought that I won't know what's going to happen to me until June! I have not read my report, but will supply you with any information so that you may look at it.
You need to consult with an attorney. That being said, I would want to know what the citation you received was for. If...
What is likely jail time involved?? Dui 3rd driving on revoked and vop
Dui 3rd and driving on revoked and violation of probation he is in jail now with a hold til may ..but has pending court in a week for another driving on suspended which I guess would violate as well?.at can I expect to happen at court? Wats the minimum time in jail required in tn??
3rd Time DUI Offender 120 days to 11 months, 29 days in jail $1,100 to $10,000 mandatory fines License...