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What can i do about the police fileing a false report about my dui
they said that i gave them a breathalyzer but was writen a ticket for refuseing to do so
Cross examination at trial is designed to lay bare the police lies and inconsistencies. Your defense lawyer knows the drill
Is there any less sentence than jail time in illinois for my second driving on suspended if my license was suspended from a dui
i got a dui my license got suspended i got a driving on suspended did 10 days in jail then i got a second they offered 30 days can i get something with no jail time if i got my license back now or is it manditory jail in illinois
First of all, you were suspended for DUI related offense. Each time you get caught driving, they add a new suspension...
I got my license suspended a couple years ago for a dui i got my second driving on suspended in illinois they offered me 30 days
i got a dui license got suspended then i got driving on suspended got a fine and did 10 days in jail in a dif county i got a second driving on suspended they offered me 30 days i said no my court date is next month i will have my license back by then i have to have sr22s and pay 250 dol reinstatement fee so i will have im doing everythng to help my case i got my ged just started college got ajob i have 3 kids jail is not an option
The 30 days that was offered was not unreasonable. The law requires for this offense either 30 days in jail or 40 days...
I had a failed baiid reading and accepted mouthwash as the reason but got another failed reading of .069 then 20 min later passe
Will this still be considered a fail
Second balk is trouble. Do not reply alone. Have a consultation with your DUI attorney and have her help you write...
Can I take a bottle of alcohol that I purchased from a vendor for my wedding
I am looking into buying a bottle of captian Morgan from a vendor for my future husband to drink from for our wedding. If he doesn't finish the bottle can I legaly take the bottle with me if they cork it.
Place the corked bottle in the trunk of your car or another place outside your reach. Make sure it is tightly corked...
No word on the status of my license
I got a DUI back at the end of October. It was a first offense and I was held in a psych ward for severe depression as well as being put on suicide watch. It's been almost three months and I haven't hear back from the state about the status of my license. Will it take much longer? Is it possible my case got dropped?
It is not likely your case was dropped. You need to speak with your attorney about the status of your case. If you do...
What illinois law is it that says I am entitled to day for day good conduct credit in jail for my 5 days for my DUI
What illinois law states I am entitled to good conduct credit day for day in jail for a DUI
I believe it's at 730 ILCS 5/3-6-3 (2.1)