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Is there any less sentence than jail time in illinois for my second driving on suspended if my license was suspended from a dui
i got a dui my license got suspended i got a driving on suspended did 10 days in jail then i got a second they offered 30 days can i get something with no jail time if i got my license back now or is it manditory jail in illinois
First of all, you were suspended for DUI related offense. Each time you get caught driving, they add a new suspension...
Will a citation for weed paraphernalia affect my current on going dui process?
I was walking in starved rock and wondered off the trail. Long story short, the cops found a piece of paraphernalia on me. I was not high, nor have I smoked in a while so I know I can pass any drug test. Background on my dui: It was minor in the sense that I was not reckless driving, just forgot to put my turn signal on. Unfortunately it was still a dui, but it should be the minimum it can get as far as dui's go.
I'm not quite sure what question you are actually asking. Is your DUI pending? If you are out on bond on your DUI case,...
Will a state park citation for hiking on restricted area violate my misdemeanor A. court supervision i received for a dui.?
On court supervision for a misdemeanor A. Was wrote a il state conservation citation.
I would assume not, as it is not traffic related. However, it is a misdemeanor. Get your DUI lawyer involved so it...
While a dui revoke my 5 years felony probation if I only got 4 more months to go and I never had a violation?
I've been on probation for 4 1/2 years with no violation and got in an car accident when my tire blew out and hit a pole no one was injury but was charged with a dui will that revoke my probation?
I am not an IL lawyer so I cannot comment on matters of IL law or procedure. However, had you asked this question in...
What is penalty for driving after revocation after 6 DUI in IL
6 DUI 2016. What is penalty for driving after revocation
It would depend on how many times you have been found guilty of driving while revoked.
Can I get a restricted or occupational license in Illinois to go to work with 6th DUI
Got 5th DUI in Wisconsin a year ago. Moved back to Illinois and they are calling it 6 DUI since they go back a lifetime. Can I get a occupational license so I can drive to work?
Yes. If you have four or more convictions you will be subject to extra conditions for receiving it. More than five...
Can Doctors who do DOT Physicals make you do a Sleep Apnea Test even though Sleep Apnea tests can not be based on guidance.
I have seen a DOT Doctor 5 months ago and received a clear bill of heath and a 2 yr. Certification. I have since seen this very same Doctor for a Pre-Employment DOT Physical and now he said he can't pass me because he thinks I need a Sleep Apnea Test First and should the test come back and say I have Sleep Apnea I would have to show at least a 30 compliance. There has also been a BILL PASSED October 2013 I believe and signed into law saying the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association can not use guidance for this process and must have it made Law before it can be implemented but this Doctor is doing this to Drivers anyway now. I believe the BILL NO# is 113-45 What can I do about this.
A diagnosis of sleep apnea is not guidance. Post again,