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  • Bike theft turns into brawl in Seal Beach neighborhood

    Thursday Jul 30 | via The Wave 

    SEAL BEACH A man stole a bicycle from the front yard of a home Wednesday afternoon before he was tackled by two passersby who then became involved in a fight when the thief's family came to his aid, police said. Osiris Gabriel Jimenez, 27, of La Puente is accused of stealing a bicycle around 5:45 p.m. from the front yard of a home in the 100 block of 6th Street.


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Will my bf do the 75 days he was sentenced for 2nd DUI ?
He got a second DUI and was sentenced to 75 days . The attorney and district attorney said he wouldn't do all that time had she given him 120 days he most likely would've done 10% of that . His projected release date is 1/23/15 . he surrendered dec 24/15 im wondering the chances of him only doing a week or so not getting out the projected release date ?
It is likely they will keep him over the holidays. You can register with VINE on the sheriff's website to hopefully...
My live in childs mom came home drunk,we argued,she got charged with 243(E)(1),
3-16-13 she got charged with with 243e-1, da reject cause i didnt goto court on 5-6-13,than on 8-3-13 she came home drunk again, came at me with a steak knife,cut ma arm,she went to jail an charged with 273.5(A)(A),they found the knife she threw in the bush,took a picture of my arm,i refused to press any charges,,both times,,than 2 weeks after she bailed out she came home drunk,the cops came and she had to leave forthe nite,,no charges filed,she goes to court tomorow,what do u think is gona happen,thanks for your time
It is not possible to predict how things will go for her since it is in the hands of the DA and the detective that...
Do I need an SR-22 and install the ignition interlock device? is there anyway around it?
i recieved a DUI in august of 2012. i was 20 years old when the incident occurred and am now 21. I blew a .10 BAC. i am now less than a month away from completing a year without a license. i already completed community service, MADD, and Drug classes for 3 months. i am now learning that i am going to have install an ignition interlock device for 6 months and possibly have to get SR-22 insurance on my car for 3 years. i cannot afford that kind of insurance.
If you can't afford insurance, you may want to just avoid driving. In other words, you can't drive without insurance,...
What are the chargers on a first time dui with a clean record?
I just got a dui I want to know some info.
I would love to have a few more details to see if you would even end up with a DUI if you wish you can take advantage...
I was charged w/a non-alcohol DUI. i'm being told i need to install an interlock device in a vehicle.
i don't have a vehicle & i was told by my judge, my lawyer & the DA that with a DUI involving no alcohol i would not need an interlock installed. i was told by mandatory actions to go back to court to have the judgement modified so that i could have the interlock order lifted. after doing so, i called mandatory actions unit back and was told that the person i spoke to prior was incorrect. now they're telling me that because i don't have a vehicle in which to install a interlock, i need to fill out an exempt form & that from the point the exempt form is filed, it will take a minimum of 5 mos. for me to get a valid license. i can't go back to work without a license. There was NO ALCOHOL involved in my DUI nor do i ever drink alcohol. something is wrong, who do i contact to get this fixed?
I don't intend this answer to be mean but only to explain... No one cares that you did not have alcohol that night...
Applying for a job and being asked if I was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor
I got a dui 4 years ago, completed the community service and classes. No one was injured. What do i put on my application?
Without knowing more it is unclear if you were convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. I assume with no accident...
How long does a criminal dui felony case usually take?
From the date of the first court day (the arraignment), how long can I expect to hear if there is a plea bargain available? Also, the next step would i believe would be preliminary hearing. How long is that before actual jury trial begins. I dont know if the preliminary hearing can take months?
In general on a felony charge you are entitled to a preliminary hearing within 10 days of your arraignment. PHs are...