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  • Texas woman charged after apparent armed road rage i...

    Wednesday Aug 9 | via CBS News 

    A woman who police say is Amanda Downs is seen pointing a weapon out the driver's side window of her pickup truck, in La Porte, Texas, on Aug. 2, 2017. LA PORTE, Texas Police in Texas say a woman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with two apparent road rage incidents, one in which a photo showed what appeared to be a gun, reports CBS affiliate KHOU .


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  • Police: Woman pointed knife that looked like gun at ...

    Wednesday Aug 9 | via Houston Chronicle 

    La Porte police report Amanda Downs, 25, was photographed pointing what appears to be a handgun at another driver in an apparent road rage incident. La Porte police report Amanda Downs, 25, was photographed pointing what appears to be a handgun at another driver in an apparent road rage incident.


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La Porte Law

Hello, I received a dui while working in San Diego in 2013. I live in Texas and now they won't let me renew my tx dl ! What can
I completed all court ordered classes transferred to Texas. Including 2 years of interlock system and 60 days ankle monitor for alcohol. All was satisfied by the court. Now the .ca DMV is not letting me renew my tx dl.
Apply for a occupational license. What is your case history? Do you have your case number?
Do I have to put down I've been convicted on an application if I'm on deferred adjudication
I have recently started my deferred probation and I need to have a job due to my security license being suspended for the case. I just want to know if I have to tell the employer I'm on deferred probation
No, you don't. If you are on deferred you do not have a conviction. If the question is asking if you have ever been...
How can I get a complete police report for DWI arrest from TxDPS?
I was arrested for DWI more than 15 years ago by Texas state trooper. Successfully completed probation and was discharged by Harris country court. I need a copy for breath alcohol content report for travel needs and neither TxDPS or Harris county court is able to provide the BAC report. Do I need to hire an attorney to get this DPS police report (Not the criminal history summary report that TxDPS provides, it doesn't has BAC information)
I will re-route this to criminal defense so a criminal defense attorney in Texas can advise you and possibly assist...
My fianca thinks we r under investigation and it's driving him nuts I can't deal with this what do we do?
Last 4 months my fiance has been noticing cops detectives and stuff following us . It started as pullover for drugs but when nothing found then let us go then it went from that to following us from home to work and we work an hour away and in a current county.its always the same cars trucks vans and always same drivers started with some white detectives in suits then we on then big muscle guys .But what got me we were at Wal-Mart 2am this older black man came up to us asked about weed and if we could give him a ride.then the next day he showed up at our house wanting to do some yard work??? What is really going on we don't do drugs we both have a past in our teen yrs but I'm 32 and he is 36 so it's been a real long time for both of us please help
Contact a criminal defense attorney in your area. Discuss this only with that professional and no other person.
If you're arrested for DUI in Texas, give BAC of 0, but prescription drugs and THC are detected, what is strategy?
I was stopped under suspicion of hit and run in Texas. During interaction with the officer, I was also suspected of DUI. During subsequent arrest and vehicle search, xanax pills were found and blood was drawn at the station. After 2+ months of waiting for results, No alcohol was detected, however, THC and xanax were present. The blood was allegedly outsourced due to a backlog of other tests/cases, I'm currently facing charges of hit and run and possession of controlled substance, xanax (both Class A misdemeanors), and DWI (class B misdemeanor). If you were to try this case to a jury, what aspects of the case(s) would you focus on to dispute any or all of said charges?
You ask what should your strategy be? Get an experienced attorney, you question implies you are trying to do this...
If drugs are found in a newborn baby system, can cps be called in to take baby away, or do the hospital just file a case?
I have a friend who's pregnant and she smoked weed. Her system was clean and we found out weed stay in blood for 24-72 hours if she hit the blunt a few times. She delivers next week tho. What's the process of this matter?
Yes. if drugs are found in the new born baby's system cps can be called . The baby can be placed with a family member...
What happens if you tested positive for marijuana and you are on pretrial intervention program?
I am up to date on all my classes/finished commuinty service and fees. My po told me to email her why and what happened.
That depends on where it occurred and what they decide to do about it. Unlike court ordered probation, the pretrial...