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Can I get out of a DUI charge in Pennsylvania given my circumstances?
I was arrested for a DUI on the 25th. I was pulled over for speeding. He ran my name and then came back to the car and asked if I was drinking. I was honest and said yes, that I had a few beers. I felt perfectly fine due to the fact that I am an alcoholic. I did field sobriety tests and I thought I passed them. Then a breathalyzer. They did not tell me what I blew, just said I blew almost 2 times the legal limit. The officer even asked me if I was an alcoholic, Im assuming because I did not appear highly intoxicated at all but blew high. I was then arrested and taken for a blood draw. Since then, I have stopped drinking entirely and using librium for my withdrawl symptoms. My question is, if I start going to AA meetings and start documenting when I go, and tell them that I am 100% sober now, will this help my case? This was kind of the final wakeup call for me to get sober and was wondering if I can have any charges lowered when I go to court.
Your description describes a relatively classic DUI arrest. However, if it was your first offense, and you have no...
Can i get time off my dui suspension my license is suspended for ten years ?
It all started with getting caught a few times driving with no license, then i got three dui very close to gether. My life was falling apart ,i had to go to prison for the dui, when i came home last September i went to the DMV and found out the bad news
You are not and should not get any time reduced from your license suspension. This is a Penndot issue and handled by them.
Court for DUI 1st offense not the best background 3days to 6months will they give the whole 6 months how exactly does this work?
Court hearing for DUI first offense not the best background automatic jail time 3days to 6 months. Makes to much for a Public Defender but doesn't have enough for a lawyer so representing ones self. Will they give only 3 days or a month or will they give the whole 6 months usually.
It depends, Ive seen 90 days on people with bas records Ive seen 72 hours. Its not just your background, its the facts...
I tested "negative-dilute" twice on the drug test and the offer was rescinded and money taken.
Now I will have no way of making a living. And by the look of the response on AVVO there is nothing that can be done? Who else does this crap get passed along to? This is an assault on some ones good name and character and their ability to make a living. If you registered and paid money - then what is being said here is these clowns have a right to STEAL your money. Not to mention your friends and neighbors look at you like a damn criminal!! I was told by First Advantage that they do not educate anyone on the results of these test. So therefore the employer or whomever can claim anything they want to and any outcome of any drug test can be used against anyone for any reason. There should be a way to mop the floor with these people in a court of law.
This is not a question. If you have a question please post it.
How long before a court date is set for a probation violation?
My fiance was arrested for driving down a parking ramp with a suspended license and was caught by his po. How long will it take to get a court date?
How long it will take for a Gagnon hearing will depend on several variables, such as the county where your fiancé is on...
How do I get my drivers licence back in PA?(After DUI suspension Eligible since 2008)
My licence was suspended back in 2007 for dui In another county. Requirments letter said to complete Act 122 (complete drug&alcohol treatment) .I completed it recently in another county(where I live) ..I have not lived in the county I got my dui in 10 years .Who should I contact? How can I clear this up. I don't know where to start.
Too complicated a process to answer on this system. Contact a licensing attorney and they can walk you through the...
Can an employer (a temp agency) make its' applicants or employees pay for their own drug test? Is this even legal in PA?
2 different temp agencies (small, regional, non-chain or franchise ones) have asked me to pay out of pocket for drug testing. One said they needed $5 right then and there to do the test. I said no out of principal; I can absolutely pass a drug test. Another one also asked for $10 or they said, if/when I'm hired the cost will come out of the first paycheck. Why are these employers cheapskates and is this even legal to do? Isn't drug testing THEIR (CHOICE) cost of doing business?
First, this is really an employment law question. Second, sure its legal. You have the right to refuse and remove...