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How tough is North Court on DUI cases?
First offense DUI with .06 BAC. Pulled over by CHP, don't want to get into the details online. Case out of North Court which I've heard is so awful that they might not only file the case but refuse to even offer any reduction even though I was below .08. I've also read going to trial in Orange County on a DUI is close to a guaranteed conviction. How bad is North Court and is it even worth talking to a lawyer?
North Court tends to be pretty tough on DUIs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fight and prevail over there....
What is the purpose of hiring a Lawyer when the results are the same as if you pled guilty yourself?
My BAC was .16....this was my 1st Offense and trust me, will be my LAST! My license was suspended for 4 months and I will apply for a restricted on the 31st day! I've already filed SR-22 with my insurance and have started the first offender DUI classes! The DA will not offer a deal unless I do a DNA sample! So basically my lawyer told me to plea guilty to the charges since that is my only choice! Why pay so much money when the outcome is the same?!
The outcome is no always the same. Thats why its so important to hire the RIGHT lawyer. A good lawyer will...
What are the likely sentences for a 2nd DUI, while still on probation for the 1st DUI in Orange County, California?
My brother was arrested for a 2nd DUI last night while he was still on probation for his 1st DUI (about 6 months ago). I know that orange county is tough on DUI. What kind of punishments can he expect? And will still be eligible to avoid jail time with alternatives (house arrest etc) even though he was caught while still on probation? He is still in jail, and bond was just posted to bail him out.
He was/is going to have to do jail time, so the bond money just went out and he will have to serve time. I have seen no...
I just got a DUI in Orange County, CA. it is my first offence and i have no prior record before this. My BAC was 1.1 or 1.0.
I had my two year old son in the car, but he did not give me a ticket for that.
I'm not sure what your exact question is but you have a few problems. One your BAC could not have been that high, it...
DUI and Probation ?
I was on probation for a dui when I was picked up dui number 2. Dui number 2 I was in a small accident, passed out and taken to the hospital. Officers took a blood sample from me without consent while I was drugged and passed out. Does the fact I was on probation effect my 4th amendment right on warrantless blood draw? I would ask my attorney, but he had a stroke and my case is in limbo at the moment and I may have to retain new counsel if he does not recover in time. This was a big issue prior to his illness. Thanks for any guidance.
I am redirecting your question to the DUI & DWI section.
Will I get jail time for a drunk in public/disorderly?
I was arrested for a dui in April of 2017 and placed on informal probation for 3 years and in January of 2018 I was arrested for drunk in public and stayed over night in the police station, Will I be violated for this, and Will i be looking at jail time? I work full time and am a student as well, I am currently still attending my AA's and finish my dui class in March
You are potentially facing a violation of probation and potential jail time. You may be eligible for some sort of...
Can i get my DUI dismissed?
I was convicted 3 years ago of a DUI. First time and I've completed everything that was asked of me. I received 3yrs informal probation and fines and was convicted 09/25/2014
You can file a PC1203.4 Petition for Dismissal. It will forever plague your DMV driving history.