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Can we appeal a commercial license that was suspended for life due to 2 DUI"s in a regular vehicle
he was having troubles in life that led him down the wrong path that have now been resolved
The lifetime ban is statutory. See CVC Sec. 15302. It sounds like it is too late to try to attempt to reduce one of...
I applied for a driving job after getting arrested for dui, dmv dropped the case, will backround check show dui arrest?
blood alcohol level was 0.07 so dmv dropped the case, i have not yet been convicted of anything. Will the backround check for this driving job show that i got arrested for dui?
You arrest will show. Even though you were a .07, that doesn't necessarily mean that your case is out to door either....
Is a writ of mandate on a 1 year license suspension worth the fight in my situation?
My Court case was dismissed and my lawyer fought the DMV hearing on the basis that the officer did not perform a 15 minute observation period, nor knew of a 15 minute observation period. However, the DMV Hearing Officer explained that the officer who was questioned by my lawyer at the hearing wasn't the officer who performed the test on me at the site. Therefore, the DMV Hearing Officer ruled that the officer's recollection of the manufacturer's guideline had no relevance to and did not rebut the Officer's Statement DS367M. Do I have a case?
I don't think so if the officer who appeared at the hearing was not the officer who administered the test. I wonder...
Can I get an extension of the dmv hearing date to hire a attorney?
I called the to ask for an extension a week before the hearing date and was told I should hired a attorney now and I could not get a extension unless a attorney called on my behalf. If not the hearing will proceed as schduled
The DMV will only continue the hearing if there is good cause to do so. Hiring an attorney who need to prepare is...
Do i Need a lawyer, if i am trying to go for a "SIS- Suspended Imposition of Sentence" after a DUI Arrest?
I was pulled over Jan 31 for drinking and driving. I have a clear record, and ive never been in any sort of trouble. Im a student and i also work part time. A friend told me that it might be wise to try and propose to the judge something called an "SIS- Suspended Imposition of Sentence". Im wondering if that is a possibility in my case and if i would need a lawyer to try and propose this to the judge or if a public defender would work too? Very confused, because as stated earlier.....ive never been in trouble. Heelllppppp =(
What your friend is referring to is probation. The maximum on a first time DUI is six months in county jail and/or a...
Wet Reckless 12-hour Program enough for Restricted License?
I was convicted of a "Wet Reckless" and am currently enrolled in a 12-hour DUI program. I am waiting out my 4-month suspension, but am to a point where I may need the Restricted License instead. Is the 12-hour class enough for the DMV to issue a Restricted License, or does applying for a Restricted change the class requirement?
Short answer: you'll need to enroll in the full-blown first offender program. The shorter "wet reckless" class won't...
I have a court date for DUI
Hit a parked car due to black outs, I have a mengenioma. Got arrested for DUI. Passed the breath test that wasn't good enough, cops took me to get a blood test and arrested me. I got a ticket to appear in court then received a letter of court date changing the date three months after the first court date. Should I get an attorney
I'm assuming you did not have any alcohol or drugs in your system? If so, you probably don't need an attorney for the...