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Do I need to take a 18 month DUI course?
I had a DUI with a prior charge. The DA dismissed the prior and I was able to plead to a regular DUI. I received the 3 month program from the court. I did get a letter from the DMV stating my license was suspended for a year. Will the DMV accept the 3 month program the court ordered me to complete or do I need to complete a different program?
Speak with your lawyer, but the DMV will require an 18-month class.
I got a dui, 9/9/15. BAC 0.08%+ Never had suspended license. 72 years old. Never DUI. Do I need a lawyer or just plead guilty?
La Mesa. Left brewery on Spring St. Right on University into wrong lane, going against traffic. LMPD had 3 cars on me immediately as their parking lot is right there. No accident, no injury, no passengers. Didn't pass field sobriety, J. Abbot arresting officer. Spent night at Sherrif's jail, downtown San Diego. Bailed out in morning. i was cooperative.
Same answer as before. You just never "plead guilty". Go on Avvo and obtain some consultations.
Can I fight this DUI case?
I was driving my car from a club into a McDonalds I was fine except I hit the curb and the officer heard me hit the curb and he was giving someone a ticket not paying attention to me but heard me hit the curb and saw me walk over to McDonalds and grabbed me and put me aside I blew .16 but when he got me I already parked my car and had my keys in my pocket is this consider a dui?
There are many ways that a DUI can be fought. You should consult with an experienced DUI attorney in the San Diego...
Do I need an attorney to go to court with me on a first offense .09 DUI?
I have a DUI from September 19, 2014. I'm due in court Friday, the 31st. First offense. Tested .09. License suspended as of October 19, 2014. I want my license back and charges dropped. There was no speeding or reckless behavior involved. Pulled over while stopped at red light. No probable cause or Miranda given at any point.
You absolutely need to have a lawyer representing you in the DUI case to achieve anything that you want to. The police...
I was in a hit and run accident with a drunk driver that they caught in the state of California
I was uninsured driver what rights do I have?
Generally speaking, an uninsured driver who is injured in an auto accident may not recover damages for pain and...
How do I know if an attorney will put all his effort into my DUI case?
I recently talked to an old, experienced DUI attorney. I felt like he was indeed experienced, but slightly impatient, and seemed to rush through the consultation (only lasted 20-25 mins). The issue he found did sound promising, but my concern is that whether or not if he is going to put all his effort into my case once I retain him. Plus, wow do I know if he will just pass my case down to his associate once I retain him; I was told that some of old and experienced attorneys tend to do this, which I definitely do not want to see that happening. Would it be silly for me to directly ask him 'Will you put all your effort in my case? Will you pass my case down to your associate?' I really don't want a DUI on my record!!!
Well, the "pass down" question is a good question, you should get what you are paying for, not a bait and switch, which...
My son got 1 misdemeanor for a hit and run and 1 misdemeanor for driving with a suspended license will he get jail time
Driving with a suspended license will he get jail time
This is jurisdiction specific. Some counties are more strict than others. What court is his case out of? Jail time...