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I was arrrsted for a DUI in Orange County.
WHat is the fee for retaining the DUI attorney? Also, what is the payment plan? Does anyone offer a no down payment plan? If so, how does that work?
1. All attorneys charge different retainers and different hourly rates. 2. "The payment plan" does not exist....
Can I help my husband become a US resident if I have a DUI
My husband is illegal he has never been arrest or deported I'm a US citizen but I have a DUI in my record will that affect us on getting is residents?
Your own DUI should not have a negative effect on your husband's situation. I strongly suggest that you consult with...
Dui goes off your dmv record in 10 years, does it start day of arrest or day of conviction?
I was stopped in California by Orange PD on December 9, 2009 but didnt get convicted until july 2010, court kept posponing my case. Will this get off my driving record 10 yrs after 12/9/2009 which was the arrest day or will it be 10 yrs after my conviction day which was 7/20/2010. Thank you.
Actually, it will probably never disappear from your driving record, under current law it can only be treated as a...
Is there a limit on how long a DUI case can be prosecuted for?
I was Arrested Oct. 2014 and they did not file a case til Sept. 2015 but I still have been coming to court every 1-2 months and my case still hasnt been resolved and its Sept. 2016 any help?
Assuming this is a misdemeanor, they filed it before the one-year statute of limitations expired. If your case is...
Should my friend hire lawyer for his 3rd dui
it been 17 years his last dui. he blew .28 and he want born here.. he is affarid to get deported to his country. what should he do.
If he is not a citizen of the U.S. he needs to be careful about what crimes he pleads guilty to. A DUI conviction won't...
Will they drug test me on my last court date that I get off probation?
I've complied to everything my obligations required and I get off this week, and I was just curious as to whether or not they will drug test me at the court house, since i am gettin off probation that day and since I have successfully met all the obligations given by the court.
Maybe, if testing clean is a term of your probation then the Court could order you to test, I doubt it, but if your...
Do I need any paperwork to show when I go through the checkpoint of san clemente? I have DACA
Driving from laguna hills ca To San Diego and vise versa
Take whatever paperwork you have with you. A valid CA ID would be helpful.