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I was convicted of dui in 03-2011 was my first conviction. i was ordered to pay 2000 plus fine to enroll in 9 month dui class
and to have a driver interlock device installed into my car. i completed 6 months of dui class and completed driver interlock time period. i am only recently in place to continue my classes in order to get my life back but they are saying that its too late i have to start the classes over again. first question is that i noticed in the laws it states the penalty for first timers in up to 1000 to pay for ticket i paid double and if i am able to possibly go back to court to have the judge give me credit for a dui class completed since i have done 6 of the 9 months,
No, if the court ordered the 9 mo program, that is a specific program. He may be able to refer you back and see if the...
Got convicted for MY 3rd DUI last week and my first offense was back in July, 2004.
got convicted for MY 3rd DUI last week and my first offense was back in July, 2004. Will this count as my 2nd offense or my 3rd?
It goes from violation date to violation date. You failed to provide that information but i am guessing you can figure...
Is there a lawyer that handles 2nd dui that will take payments and have a low downpayment of 500$ range
I am facing 2nd dui over xanax script that was mine but were not in the bottle. And i had a dui for same thing 3yrs ago im on informal probation so im very concerned . I have around 500-600 dollars to put down and can make payments im on bail right now so thatc was a chunk of my money
Make some phone calls. Be weary of bargain priced lawyers though. Make sure you hire someone who is going to do the...
My friend got a dui for drunk driving and he crashed and hit another car and is an illegal immigrant what could happen ?
there was beer in the car , he spent the night in jail got released in the morning.
Your friend should consult with private counsel. Depending on the circumstances of the accident; if the victim went to...
My 19 year old friend got a dui he is illegal immigrant crashed another car but has a social working permit to be here NO LICENS
he has kids here , been on probation when he was a minor, coperated very well got released next morning HAD BEEN WARNED SEVERAL TIMES TO NOT DRIVE 3 TICKETS
What is your question? If your friend has been arrested, he will likely find himself transferred to Immigration and...
Drunk in public while being on informal probation
My gf & I were on our way home , my gf got a DUI but I got drunk in public . I was in a vehicle , not in public . Advice please !
If this was in Orange County, I wouldn't worry too much. They are usually not filed. They are tickets that are...
Do I have to serve time if I got Informal Probation?
I was convicted of DUI with Injuries Dropped to Misdameaner. Courts say serve 180 days. Probation order papers say "Imposition of sentence is suspended & defendant is places on 5 years informal Probation.
Sounds like you won't be serving the 180 days unless and until you violate probation. 180 days is hanging over your...