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My first-time offense DWI charge
My tickets were driving 97 miles an hour in a 65 Zone 2 points over the legal limit DWI, open container in the car this is my first time offense in New York state
The DA will know about any offenses out of state. You should consult with an experienced DWI attorney. Typically a .10...
I have my first "failed test" in my interlock. What will happen?
I've had the device installed last January. I never had any failed test other than a violation re-test because my device had a lot of issues. There were several times where the test will not register and the device prompts me to re-test at least 20 times in a row. Draeger (the company I got the device from) admitted that there were software issues - so I dealt with it for that reason. When I had it calibrated last month the device showed an issue, that time they decided to have me come back and said they will swap it out with a new device. So I did came back and when they hooked it up and it was showing no issues that time. They did not swap it out. I am still having a lot of issue with it specially when it's warm out. The technicians told me to shut-off my car for 20 minutes and try again. (annoying that that's their way of solving a problem) . I have left my car at work in several occasions because the device won't work properly. This morning it was acting up again. But unusual, the device took a long time to do any processing than normal time. The first blow didn't register and then the second blow said "test failed" then I was prompted to do a re-test.
Did you pass the re-test? If YES, I don't think you have a problem.
What should I do if I get a DUI in Illinois with a New York license, but I live in Colorado?
I am in the military and a resident of IL. While in the military I obtained a NY license. Now I am stationed in CO. Recently I was in IL visiting and received a DUI. I was planning on getting out of the military and going back to IL in a couple of months. What are my options. I own a house in IL, should I try to get my IL license and surrender NY before my suspension takes effect?
The surrender may not assist you much as there is a compact between states permitting cross suspensions and revocations!...
Arrested for first time DWI
Last time I had and traffic offence was 30 year ago a DUI
Do you have a question based upon those facts that would like addressed by a lawyer?
When i fail my first drug test for probation does my probation officer have to send it to the court
I failed my first drug test today for probation and have court in 12 days to get off probation my po said he wouldn't violate me but does he have to update the court that i failed a test
It will be up to your PO, but usually a PO will let the judge know if he or she has to appear in court on a case.
Need advice about if I have information about someone waiting to be sentenced or put on probation for a 2 dwi.
I have information and know that this person who just got an aggrivated dwi while already being on a conditional licence for the first dwi, they took his truck but now he lives with his girlfriend who lets him drive her car. He lives with her and is supposed to be living at another residence. As well as he left the county for a concert and he's not supposed to leave the county. And he just bought a gun and I'm not sure if he's supposed to have them because of his dwi. His girlfriend has two young kids 5 and 7 in the house as well. How can I inform someone annyonomsly about what he is doing?
There is really no such thing as anonymous when it comes to reporting crimes. They want to know for example who you...
How many times can the DAs office postpone motions hearings before a DWI case is tossed out
I was charged with DWI March 17, 2016. I was offered and accepted to have blood work test done but due to some circumstances that was never completed so there is no evidence of my blood alcohol content. My lawyer has filed motions to suppress some Evidence and the DAs office has been postponing it since August 2016 six times now. The last time we were at court the judge told the DA to schedule this and the next time it's postponed he's tossing it out for lack of due process. My question is should it not be tossed out by now?
There is case law that says the failure by the DA to timely comply with a motion schedule is chargable for speedy trial...