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On post dui?
basically i was stopped at a checkpoint and was made to perform a test under suspicion of drinking. they brought me to the station and i blew a 0.5, the illegal limit is 0.8. they're trying me for a dui regardless. they impounded my vehicle and revoked my driving privileges. I really don't understand whats going on.
Well, they likely still charge you. Call a local DUI lawyer and ask him for a free consultation....
Does the army test for Fentanyl on a regular random ua?
i chewed the 12 fentanyl patch around 1 pm, the next day had a random ua. i am only prescribed oxicoton
This is a legal question sir. We're private attys.
What if in a drug trafficking case they put the drug as barbituates but it was actually subozone ?
There's 8 defendents in this case and a c.i. who was a friend he got 4 in tape and the other 4 are also friends that they assume are involved and they are also charged with organized crime !
The answer to your question depends on where the mistake was made. If it is a mistake on a police report defense...
What are the punitive actions for destruction of government property involving a DUI
I got a DUI on post after I managed to knock over a stop light pole, is this going to go on my civilian record and what are the punitive actions?
You need to contact an attorney familiar with not only the laws of Kentucky but Military law too. Do not try to figure...
What can happen to my license and/or myself and why haven't I been given a ticket?
I recently got into a motorcycle accident. I had a few beers prior to riding home when I was in an accident with another car. I was knocked unconscious at the time of the accident but was told I was given a breathalyzer test in the ambulance at the scene. I don't remember approximately 30 minutes prior to my accident all the way up to the second day being in the hospital. I was in the accident in KY state where I am a resident but have a NY state license. Also, I do not know what my BAC content was at the time of the accident but I know a few beers doesn't impair me.
Suggest you repost this in dui section, consider retaining an attorney, and reporting this to your insurance company....
Can I get kicked outta the army for a dui in kentucky or do they have the deferred method of decision in court?
Got a dui and trying to figure out what I can do and what I need to do about it so I can stay in the army
You need a good criminal defense attorney to deal with the DUI charges. You also need an attorney to assist you in...
I did my classes I'm done how do iget my liceses back?????
got dui
The provider of your ADE classes should send a certificate to the court that you have completed your classes. If this...