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Is 5 months too long to wait for blood tests following a dwi charge in WI?
I got pulled over in early May for speeding. There was marijuana in the vehicle. The officer performed a field sobriety test and breathalizer on scene, I passed both. I was then taken to hospital for blood draw and arrested. It has been almost 5 months and there is still no results. Is it normal to take this long? Should I pursue or is it true the longer it takes the better defense I have?
There is no standard rule that the longer it takes for anything, including getting blood test analysis results back...
Can I get a CDL with 2 dui if I were able to get them expunged?
Need to get a Cdl for a job. Have 2 dui, one is over 10 years old but after September, 1995. The other is 7 years old.
The Department of Transportation will tell you if you can obtain a CDL. That is purely administrative. Good luck to you.
I have court 2 hours away from my house and job. If I am sentenced to 45 days in Jail will I go to jail 2 hours away?
I was wondering because I have work release if I go to jail. I was hoping I would be sentenced close to home so I could go to work rather than 2 hours away.
You will serve the sentence in the county where the conviction occurs unless transfer privileges are granted, and your...
How long can the state of Minnesota hold your driving privileges from a dwi incident?
I got a dwi charge back in 1991 in Minnesota, it was my 3rd alcohol related offense within 3 yes. I have held a Wisconsin drivers license since 1991 without any traffic violations.
Until you satisfy all reinstatement requirements with the MN DPS. Give them a call if you are unsure of what those...
If you had a DUI 21 years ago can they count that against you for probation?
Probation in Wisconsin for a DUI in Minnesota.
Can who count it against you? Can it be taken into account in figuring your probation conditions? You bet.
How do you find a free lawyer on a case that is not considered a crime because it's a first offense and would not result in jail
OWI first offense. 0.9/0.8 on a breathalyzer test. $811 fine and license suspended for 6 months if convicted.
You don't, generally. Attorneys cost money, I'm afraid, and you don't have a right to a public defender in municipal court.
I recieved an underage ticket before probation starts for 12 months because of a DUI. Will this violate my probation?
I recieved an underage ticket last night when my buddy was pulled over and I was in the front seat. He walked away with a warning I walked away with an underage ticket and possession of false ID.. My probation for a DUI half a year ago starts in May and court for these tickets is the end of April. What do I do? And will this violate the probation or anything? I'm freaking out can anyone shine some light for me? Also how serious are these charges? I appreciate any response thank you
Not if you got the ticket "before" you were placed on probation. might want to wait until your 21 before you...