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I am currently out on Pretrail Probation. I failed my drug test 2 weeks ago. There is now a order for my arrest. what r they go
I am currently out on Pretrail Probation for felony bad checks. I have paid all the finest and stuff but awaiting court. I failed a drug test I have a prescription for opiates, but I had morphine in my system. I wasn't facing any jail time with my charge.but they put major stipulations on my bond, curfew 7am-7pm, drug test, alcohol testing ,of. ourselves look for a job, they made me move in with my aunt, needless to say I'm 43 yrs old and had to give up my apartment.. The morphine was a complete accident. Imy going to turn myself in. Monday what should I expect.
This is a question that should be directed to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney representing you, obtain...
I am on pretrail probation. and I failed a drug test.Now there is a warrant for my arrest
My charges are for bad checks, I have paid everything just of course waiting court date. my conditionson are drug screening alcohol screening a curfew. I don't have a record, I didn't understand all this as is. I have a prescription for opiates, but I had morphine in my system. what's gonna happen when I turn myself in.
There is a hearing on whether to revoke your pretrial release if pretrial contact the prosecutor about your dirty urine....
If he has blown positive for a BAC of .02 or above twice already will he most likely be going to jail once vasap reads it
My boyfriend has had the interlock device for less then a month
Drunk in public under DUI probation?
I am on probation for DUI and two days ago i got arrested for drunk in public. I live in virginia. how much will that affected my DUI? Will i be sentenced to jail?
Usually a term of probation is to complete ASAP and not consume alcohol for the term of probation. If no alcohol is...
Can i drive after DWI?
Last night, I was arrested for DWI in Virginia. I haven't got my license back yet and I have a court hearing a week from now. Am I allowed to drive in the meantime?
You have not provided enough information to give a definitive answer. The law permits the officer to administratively...
How DUI works in different states?
My husband went out Last Thursday night and got an DUI for having a loud car and license plate light being off. He got arrested with BAC 0.10, he got 1st misdemeanor DUI (No.VA) even though he has another DUI in different state (MD) 8 yrs ago. He's job requires him to drive to job sites each day, with a company vehicle.. He just started his new job couple weeks ago, not sure if he needs to tell them right away or not. he's license is suspended for 7 days, but after the court date (next Monday) will he be in jail? I've told him to take alcohol programs before the court date.. so it'd look better on him.. Would the judge find out this is his second DUI? is he allow to drive in MD? Does he need a lawyer? He just wants to drive back and forth from work to home only.. to make that happen.. i'd assume he needs.. a lawyer?
A first time DWI with a .10 BAC is unlikely to receive jail time and would likely be able to continue to drive for work...
The city of Newport News Va , I ended up getting a not to bright lawer he didn't know if the prosecutor could not provide full Discovery he can ask for a dismissal but my problem is they didn't give me the whole video of my Sobriety test and doesn't Newport News have a local law that you have to get to your discovery and evidence 15 days before the court date ?
You get the attorney you pay for. If discovery is late that is grounds to continue. No judge would deny more time to...