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Can I get a green card with a DUI
Hey here is the story . I've been arrested for DUI last week. I'm an international student . I got pulled over and did the blood test . I don't know my BAC yet . But 5 hours before the arrestation I smoked marijuana. My questions are 1) can I get deported for this misdemeanor ? 2) I'm planning to get married with my fiancé a us citizen , can I still apply for the green card if I got convicted? Thx everybody!!!
It is always possible to have Immigration issues with any misdemeanor, and 2) it is possible you still be able to apply...
If convicted for my 1st DUI, what is the minimum license suspension? Can I only drive to work/school on a restricted license?
LA County 1st DUI. I blew a .11 Clean Driving and Legal Record 24 Years Old
DMV APS suspension is 4 months (assuming no refusal). If convicted of a DUI, that would trigger a 6 month license...
Am I obligated to pay for the instructor's "no show" DUI classes?
I am on the 3 months court ordered DUI program. On 3 occasions the instructor didn't show up, so after 10 minutes the entire group went home with the credit for the class given but also charged for the class as it actually took place as well. Is it up to the facility to decide it or there is some law dictating whether the charges can be applied or not.
I know of no law on the matter. You might check with your attorney. I guess as long as you are getting credit you do...
Would I be able to avoid a DWI?
I was pulled over for passing an officer on the freeway. I complied with the field test but declined the Breathalyzer. I had 5 drinks in the span of 4 hours and was afraid to blow over. I was arrested for suspicion and I took the blood test 2.5 hours later. The officers didn't take my license so i don't have to contact the DMW. A DUI is not likely since the officers returned my licence and I'm estimating my BAC will be along 0.02-0.04. Is a "wet reckless" likely? This is a first offence.
You aren't going to get a meaningful answer from a stranger on the Internet, especially without the actual test results....
Unemployable due to DUI and drug possession charges in 2013?
In July 2013, I was arrested for 11377 (F), 23152 (M), and 11550 (M). It was my first arrest. My lawyer said that he split my case into two separate case numbers in order for me to be accepted into the diversion program, as the DUI charges would have prevented me from getting into it. I never really understood the rationale he gave me. I successfully completed the required alcohol and drug classes. In August 2015, my now-former employer laid a bunch of us off. Since then, everyone has found work except for me. I am panicking because I haven't even received one phone call requesting an interview. I have a sinking feeling that my arrest record is to blame. Would Prop 47 help me out by reducing my felony drug possession charge to a misdemeanor? What about expungement?
Prop 47 would most likely reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. A 17(b) reduction to a misdemeanor might be better for...
Is there any way to get credit for past courses for DUI schools?
Back in 1991 I was convicted for my second DUI. Over the last 2 and 1/2 decades I have tried to complete this course. I need to know if there is any way to get credit for my past courses? And is there a way that I can get a restricted license?
You need to go to DMV and get a referral to complete the SB 38 program. But if you never did it, there is probably a...
Dmv reexamination: Can the California DMV require a drug screen at a reexamination appointment ?
It will be almost 1 year ago when a DUI drug arrest had me arrested. I have my next court date a few weeks AFTER the reexamination in a few days. The next court date will include receiving the discovery test from a blood sample. I have not been convicted. I do have several points from accidents and / or tickets. Have passed traffic school for the last ticket with 100 % I am a USCG MERCHANT MARINE OFFICER OF 15 years with out an incident it that career. My question is, can they require a drug screen at the reexamination? And, should I present my credentials as assurance of my awareness of safety?
I don't think the DMV can require a drug test at the re-exam. I also would not try to bolster your credibility by...