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  • Police warn of another IRS phone scam

    Oct 14, 2015 | via WIZM-AM La Crosse 

    The fake IRS callers, using both live and robot-calls, are demanding that the victim make an immediate payment on an overdue tax bill. They demand personal details or banking information, and then they threaten the victim with arrest or jail time if they don't comply.


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i was arrested in mn for driving under the influence of a prescription drug and now I don't know what I should do. I have had 4 other dwi over the years. only I have been sober for 11 yrs my last dwi arrest was on 04/04/2004 I have been taking these percribed meds for 4 to 8 yrs
You need to contact and meet or speak with a DWI attorney. Cases such as your are defensible. You have a limited...
Can I get off SUPERVISED DWI probation early?
I got a 3rd degree DWI in Wright County (BAC was .23) and was sentenced to 30 days on an at home alcohol monitor and 2 years probation with 355 days stayed over my head. This is my first offense. I had my probation transferred to my home county (Anoka). I'm on random testing, must attend counseling sessions, and am not allowed to be in possession of alcohol. I'm just wondering if I complete my counseling, pay off my fines, do 100% perfect on the at home monitor, and have perfect UA's when I'm on random testing, if Anoka County will let me off of supervised probation early. (I understand I'd still be on probation for two years if I have a same or similar..) Just wondering if certain terms of probation can be removed If I show that I'm doing well! Thanks!
Of course, hypothetically that is possible. Your reasons for such a request need to be known: Reasons that exist close...
Dui 12 years ago, just got one on an ATV a few months back - what happens with license?
got on dui 12 years ago in a car. got one on an ATV a few months back. license hasn't been revoked yet - pleading guilty this month to dui. when will my license get revoked and for how long?
Contact a local DUI lawyer to see exactly what consequences you face including the license suspension and to see if any...
What can the state do if I failed my interlock test the morning after?
From Minnesota. I have interlock, but off probation. I blew a .02 the morning after drinking. I received a letter from the state. They are saying I have to go back to treatment and be on interlock another 3 years. They are asking for a letter explanation.
You answered your own question asker... talk to your lawyer for more info.
My 18 yr old son got an underage drinking ticket. should he plead guilty or not guilty at his court appearance
being his only blemish on his record, he would like to eventually get this off his record. he was with a group from school and had just a small amount of alcohol when he was tested
I would typically not recommend pleading guilty. Depends on the particulars though. You would do your son a valuable...
I am being charged with statue 152.025.(a)(1). With reference to:152.025.1(a). How is this a felony?
I sold 28 grams to a CI and after not wanting to be a CI in lieu of my charges being dismissed they charged me with this. In MN statue it states it's just a misdemeanor. Just wondering how they got a felony charge?
Yes. It's the sale that makes it a felony.
Can I serve STS in Stearns County on a mandatory minimum DWI sentence?
I stupidly managed to get myself a third DWI while still on probation for the first. Due to mandatory minimums I was offered 90 days 30 of which in jail and 60 on home monitoring, also an additional 30 days house arrest for probation violation. I served 4 days initially, so then I would serve 16 in custody. My question is could Stearns County potentially allow me to either: a) Serve STS to further reduce my jail time even though it's not that long of a sentence, or b) Serve weekends to break it down to smaller staggered durations? Thank You In Advance!!
Sometimes this can be negotiated out. If this is a real make or break issue for you, you should invest in a premier...