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How do i go about handling a bench warrant for FTA in clark county washington without jail time??
the hearing was set from a dui conviction for not complying to get an interlock and treatment assessment by deadline.. I was unaware of the hearing date and missed it. being unemployed I couldnt afford to do what was asked. I just got a job with carpool so i dont have to drive, and with the first paycheck got my interlock and I currently have an assessment schedualed for next week. I am now complying with everything asked. If i go to jail i will lose this job and i cant afford to do that.. any advice would be greatly appreciated..
There is no guarantee that you won't end up in jail, but an attorney could likely file an ex-parte motion seeking to...
What are my options or best possible outcomes? DUI blood test came back with .16
I'm a 31 year old female, single mother of 2. This is my first offense with no prior history except for a speeding ticket about 5 years ago and one when i was 16 (just got my license). When the officer asked me if i'll be willing to take a breathalyzer i said no ( not sure why) my car got impounded, handcuffs were put on and i was taking to a state patrol location where i still took the breathalyzer that came back at .16 and answered some questions before they called the cab and sent me home. I don't know how severe the outcome can be, and what my options are. I can't have DUI show up on my record but i don't even know if this is an option. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
You were correct in refusing the breathalyzer but they you caved. You need to be contacting local DUI attorneys who...
I recently got a DUI for my first offense ever. I blew a .13, is it possible to get this reduced?
I only drove roughly 200 feet, I was parked behind the bar and pulled around the road to the front of the bar In the direction of home. The road happen to be a one way, that I couldn't see because there was new construction building being built with fencing around the perimeter and something blocking the sign and there was no lights as well. I went down the next day and took pictures of the construction site and where I was parked and pulled over as well that I plan on showing the attorney I meet with. Do I have a chance at getting this reduced?
With the information you provided here there's no way to guess whether not the state has a good case or not period that...
Want to know if it is possible to get my negligent driving from 2011 or 2012 i can't remeber off my record.
I was arrested for DUI went back blew under .08 and the .081 was released that same night, DOL did not revoke my license or pursue a case , went before the judge and got it knocked down to negligent. looking to make my record as clean as possible to apply for nursing school when it becomes avaiable.
Vacating a conviction to Negligent Driving 1st Degree that was amended from a DUI charge can take place 10 years from...
If I got a DUII in Oregon, is my Washington license suspended in Washington?
I got a DUII in the state of Oregon and am currently in Diversion. I refused a breathalyzer test which means automatic revoked license in Oregon for a year. My actual drivers license is a Washington license and that is where I live as well. I just looked up my license number on the WA DMV site and it shows up as valid. Can I drive in Washington? If I happen to get pulled over in Washington and the police run my license, will it show up as valid and ok to drive or suspended?
If you haven't received the notice from DOL make sure your address is updated or you may be adding driving while...
How can i get my dui charge dropped to a neg 1
I was arrested last night by stater leaving a christmas party and did a field sobeiety test pretty sure i failed it, they took me back to the station and had me blow 4 times. I blew a .187. Then they had a cab come pick me up and now im pretty scared never been in trouble before have no priors and really want to know if its possible for me to get it dropped to a neg 1. This occured in the state of Washington. Any advise would help alot.
I have practiced DUI defense in Clark County for the last 14 years and the initial news is not good... The Clark County...
I entered into deferred prosecution DUI 17 years ago and finished the program. Can the record be sealed, or removed?
I have had a clean driving record before and since. I would like to know cost for doing what can be done.
Nothing can be done. Court records are always public and there's no conviction to vacate.