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How do i go about handling a bench warrant for FTA in clark county washington without jail time??
the hearing was set from a dui conviction for not complying to get an interlock and treatment assessment by deadline.. I was unaware of the hearing date and missed it. being unemployed I couldnt afford to do what was asked. I just got a job with carpool so i dont have to drive, and with the first paycheck got my interlock and I currently have an assessment schedualed for next week. I am now complying with everything asked. If i go to jail i will lose this job and i cant afford to do that.. any advice would be greatly appreciated..
There is no guarantee that you won't end up in jail, but an attorney could likely file an ex-parte motion seeking to...
A warrant was issued for failing to appear at DUI hearing, person left the U.S. what will happen upon return to the U.S.
A friend of mine got a DUI and then left the US. Now my friend has a warrent issued . When my friend returns to the US will my friend be arrested at immigrations at the airport?
The computer systems used at airports and ports of entry by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are rather...
I had just gotten a DWS 3rd degree, just got off probation of three years for a POS charge, Class B Felony. What am I looking at
I gotten a DUI in 2009, and a couple minor traffic stuff. I just needed to know what to do or say. I always get taken advantage of through lawyers, so im scared to get one.
What are you looking at? First, see if there are any defenses to the charge that can get it dismissed. That will...
I blew a .006 and got a 12 hr suspense dui.. I got a dui over a year ago will I get my license taken away?
I have a new drivers license in vancouver. I'm 22 years old... What's going to happen?
A 0.006% Are you sure? I don't think breath machines measure down to the thousandth of one percent.
If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood.
If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood. Is the warrant valid if the Judge who signed the warrant signed the wrong date. Accident happened in June -- judge signed and dated May. Would that fall under the fruit of the poisonous tree and invalidate the warrant, throwing out the blood evidence at trial?
Scrivener's errors generally do not result in an entire warrant being thrown out of the surrounding circumstances of he...
My husband ha a lifetime suspension in oregon for his 3rd dui can he get a license in any other state in the us?
This is his 3rd dui in a span of 10 years we live in wa but they also suspended him we were told the lifetime suspension is mandatory can we move to a different state to avoid this
I know there are some States that don't have a connection with the State of WA so that he could get a license there...
My wife just received her second DUI in Washington St. The officer saw her leave the bar and pulled her over.
She went through diversion for the first one, but it was less then 2 years ago. She also refused the breathalyzer. How bad is it. Is she looking at 45 days? Thank you, Dwayne & Kim G.
Assuming she has no other priors within the past 7 years she is looking at mandatory 45 days and at least 90 days...