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What should I do? In serious need of advice.
Iv been charged with possession of marijuana and possession of Paraphernalia. My car keys were being held against my will. So I called campus police. I told them I just wanted to get my keys and go home. After 10 long minutes, i was able to get them. They ordered me not to come back for 24 hours which I of course agreed cause i just wanted to go home. instead of leaving after i got my keys they walked me to my car to make sure I was leaving even tho I agreed too. When we gotthere they asked me for my drivers license and registration as they took my license plate. When I opened the door to do what they told me to do the officer said he smelled weed and asked to search. I of course said no. They searched anyway and found weed and para. I now have a hearing in December. I don't know if I will be able to fight this and win. But I feel as if they treated me unjustly. I was technically the victim in this situation why treat me like the offender. Also I don't understand what right they had to make me show them my license and registration, as i wasn't driving and my car was in the lot all day. I'm not sure if I have a valid argument but if I do I want to fight it. Thank you for your time.
Hire an attorney to vigorously defend you.
Does a public intoxication citation appear on the background checks for PA teacher certification?
Over the weekend i received a citation for public intoxication. I am currently a secondary education major and am not sure what do to? If it will not appear on the background checks then i will be alright, if it does however i would like to know what can i do to get it off? I have not plead guilty, or paid the citation. I have until the 17th of September to figure out my options. Anything to help me out would be appreciated.
Under these circumstances you should consult with and retain a local criminal defense attorney in your area to assist...
Hi, my name is Wayne Benson and I just received an underage citation. I am 19 years old. I am trying to know what options i have
I would like to know is there a way I could get this underage citation expunged from my record at all. I heard about this ARD program, but I am not clear on how it works. Also would it be possible to get it expunged after i turn 21?
Hi, first thing you need to do is hire an attorney to handle the matter. It is not a serious thing. You won't get as...
Does Pa have reciprocity with NJ regarding underage drinking as of 2013 regarding license suspension
While at a party, I walked outside and was confronted by police officers, they had me identify who I was. Since I was underage I was cited for an underage, now being that law states in PA about fine/ 90 day license suspension. Does that mean that since I am a New Jersey Resident that my "New Jersey issued" license will be suspended? I am very confused over the actual law, and cannot get a straight answer on this. I am aware there are lawyers on both sides of the state lines, so I am curious if I can get a clear answer on this. (I have heard a new law was passed Jan. 1 of 2013) so older cases may not be applicable) Thanks in advance
This question may have already been asked. His right to drive in Pa is being . If the Bureau of Motor vehicles is aware...
Am I getting a citation in the mail?
I am currently in college and a second semester freshman. My college is a dry campus and I am underage. I got caught in my dorm drinking along with my friend. We were breathalized and had to be taken into an ambulance and transported to the local hospital. This has happened multiple times with other students I know, but they never got in trouble with the police, ONLY the university. Its been just about a month since the incident, I have not received anything in the mail about a citation through the police, but I did receive a letter from the school saying all the programs I had to do. The university doesn't know if the police are taking things into their own hands. Will I still receive an underage citation this late?
Most likely you will receive a citation. You should retain a criminal defense attorney to represent you. It's important...
ARD and DUI question. Berks county, PA.
I have had my 3rd dui in five years. I was excepted into the ARD program and completed it for my 1st offense. Now will this be considered my 2nd or 3rd dui because I had ARD for my first one
If you have one ARD admission and one prior conviction prior to this arrest, this will considered your third DUI. If...
Can I get work release and/or house arrest for a 3rd dui in Berks county, pa.
I just got my 3rd dui in Berks county, pa. Within 5 years.. I am currently employed and would like to know if it is possible to get work release and/or house arrest and drug/alcohol treatment in place of jail? I am also still on parole from the last dui..
I have done this before. It is possible, but is extremely difficult. I need to know more about your case, please call...