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Do you go to jail on your appeal hearing for driving dui suspended?
I was found guilty in pa for driving while on dui suspended I got sentenced to 60 days. The arresting officer has no issue reducing charge at appeal, if that doesn't happen will I go to jail that day?
Could be. Ask your question again in the criminal defense section of this AVVO service
Could a new dui laws that passed in 2016 be used in a dui case that was prosecuted in 2014
My public defender says that a new dui law that passed in 2016 cannot be used in a case prosecuted in 2014
Sadly your Public Defender is one hundred percent correct
Could birchfield v north Dakota be used in a dui case sentenced in 2015
Could birchfield v north Dakota be used in a in case prosecuted before before 2016 if blood was used to make the case I ask because birchfield v north Dakota makes your blood your property and in Pennsylvania they used the threat of license suspension or jail time to get you to agree to a blood test until 2016 now it requires a warran
The only mechanism for trying to use Burchfield to your benefit would be filing a Nunc Pro Tunc appeal. There are...
I am currently on parole for 5 years for my 2nd dui could birchfield v north Dakota help reduce my parole
I was sentenced 90 days to 5 years for my 2nd dui for smoking Marijuana my blood wasugar taking after I was pulled over and I passed the breathlizer could birchfield v north Dakota be used to reduce my parole time
First of all, your DUI conviction is a state, not a federal offense. I have changed the practice area so that others...
If I just got a 3rd dui dec 1 /2016 a second dui in 2011 and my first dui was in 2004 doses the ten year look back help me.
I got just got my 3rd dui 12 years after my first does the first count
The good news is that your new DUI is passed the 10 years, which means your first DUI will not have much impact. So yes...
Currently on an ard program for a DUI is it possible to go on the ard program for a misdemeanor 1 offense for welfare fraud?
Received DUI in April for accepred for ard program started in November...now has something come up from 2 years ago that is going to considered misdemeanor 1 for welfare fraud first offense in that. Would I be eligible for the ard program for that? Or what would my other options be? Is there jail time? Probation?
You need an attorney working on your case ASAP. The new charges could have ramifications on your ARD. Anytime you are...
I was sentenced to a 2nd dui for Marijuana how does birchfield v north Dakota effect my sentence
I was sentenced to 90 days to 5 years in jail for 2nd dui and the officer explain to me if I refuse the blood test there would be further consequences after taking the blood test I was later sentenced and served 90 days in jail and I am currently serving the remainder of my sentence on parole how does birchfield v north Dakota apply to my case
Unfortunately, if you have already served your 90 days, the case you reference will have little impact to benefit you....