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What are the repercussions with a one time fail with an interlock in Pennsylvania?
With a clean five months of interlock installed, I used mouth wash then immediately blew into the device causing a fail. What should I expect?
As you probably discovered, your vehicle locked you out for a period of time before you were able to try again....
I had a car accident the officer did a breathalyzer and it came back positive but i wasn't charged at the scene.what will happen
The officer didn't make me do a sobriety test all he did was the breathalyzer test. At the hospital they took my blood and gave the officer the sample. I want to know can i still be charged after the fact.
Sure, you can be charged for impaired driving.
Who do I need to contact in order to obtain a notification of completion of the ARD program in Monroe County?
I completed the Monroe County, PA ARD program back in 2011 and don't recall where I placed the letter notifying that I have successfully completed the ARD program, or if I had ever gotten one. I have the certificate for the Highway Safety class, but a prospective employer wants proof of the ARD completion and I do not believe that certificate will be enough. Should I call the Clerk of courts, DA, Probation Office? I need it rather quickly as well. Thank You.
Probation. District Attorney's office. Clerk of court.
My son was cited for underage drinking and we want to find out about preadjudication disposition to rescind the conviction
how does readjudication work will it eliminate the conviction with nor criminal record and no fines?
Usuly, you ask the judge for consideration into the program. After you pay, do conmunity servuce ir anything se irdered,...
Probation for a DUI
I got a DUI & have to do 6 months of probation. It was my first offense & I was wondering if I would be prohibited from drinking alcohol & if I will not be allowed to go to the bars even if I do not drink. I'm not an alcoholic so I would be able to go out & not drink & I passed my evaluation.
You can't have any measurable amount of alcohol in your body if you drive. Here, some judges prohibit any type of...
I'm facing a dui an assault charge in a domestic case where I have a cross pfa. And a terroistic threat charge
I have a previous record from 1989
This question is more appropriately answered by a criminal defense attorney.
I received my third DUI in PA. The last one was 12 years ago in 2002. Will the long past DUI's affect the current, in any way?
One-car accident, no other person or property involved. Will the relatively longer, past DUI's have any affect on the current one? Will the current DUI be treated as the third or will the past be excluded? Thank you
I'm going to change your practice area to DUI so you will get some answers from DUI attorneys in your area.