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My car was hit in my driveway, unoccupied by someome arrested for leaving the scene and DUI, should I hire an attorney?
My car was parked in my driveway and was hit by a woman who went odf the road and into my driveway, causing my car to be totalled by thier insurance, and still waiting to hear word about damage to my other car that she pushed my car into, as well as my yard and mailbox. Heres the thing, I started a claim with the womans insurance last Thursday, Friday morning she bailed out and filed a claim as well, I did not hear from anyone until Monday afternoon when I called to give the information off the police report, they told me they already had all that and declared they were at fault on Friday. They told me they believe the car will be totalled and the value should be near $3000, today finally someone comes out and tells me they will give me a check for $1500. This has been a terrible experience 2 different reps have apologized to me because of how the whole thing has been handled (there's more I dont have space to write and I don't know if it's relevant to a lawsuit? My question, should I get a lawyer or just take this $1500 check. They havent said they aren't planning tp pay for the other cars bumper, the grass, or mailbox, but they dont keep me informed so i don't know.
Easiest to turn it over to your own insurance
Can my judge issue a warrant or punish me further for being dilute on my urine tests?
I know this sounds typical, but my probation officer truly has it out for me. I am very successful, young, happy and everything in my life has been going exceedingly well the past 2.5 years. I have learned my lesson and have managed to change all of my old habits by hard work and persistence. I now exercise on a regular basis, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and am now a VERY healthy person. I have been on probation now for 2.5 years and only have a few months left (3yrs). (DUI) I've been taking drug tests every other month at least for 2.5 yrs (sometimes she even randomly calls me in to take one) and it is only within the past few months she told me ive been dilute on my tests. I asked her, "i'm not sure why my tests are any different only within the past few months as I haven't changed a single thing" She then said ive been dilute for every test. (why she has only just now mentioned this I haven't a clue). I am certainly not taking any drugs, drinking or doing this on purpose. All I want is to be done with this. She says she is turning it in to the judge. She has given me swab tests too and have passed every single one. What can the judge do about this?
To answer your question really depends on the judge. If you are in Porter County Courts County Division, then I would...
What will happen
his sitting in jail right since june 4 2016. his doing some rehab in there. something brand new that they just started. he has 9 charges 3 of them are felonies. 06/04/2016 9-26-1-1.1(b)(2)/F6: Failure to Stop After Causing Serious Bodily Injury 06/05/2016 9-24-19-3/F6: Driving While Suspended but where operation of vehicle results in bodily injury or ser 06/5/2016 : Causing Serious Injury Operating a Mtr Veh. Intox. 06/04/2016 9-30-5-2(b)/MA: Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated; Endangering A Person 06/04/2016 9-30-5-2(a)/MC: Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated 06/04/2016 9-24-19-2/MA: Driving While Suspended (Prior w/in 10 years) 06/04/2016 9-26-1-1.1(a)(1)/MB: Leaving the Scene of an Accident Driver fails to immediately stop at the scene 
What is the question? Does he have an attorney? If not, can he afford an attorney? Is there a bond set and can he...
Is it smart to pay fine and not contest underage drinking citation?
Son, 19, received an underage drinking citation while in Wisconsin, we live in Indiana. He wants to pay the fine and not contest the charge, is this the right thing to do. 1st offense.
I'd suggest contacting a local Wisconsin traffic lawyer and see what they may be able to offer. Many times there is...
Hello, first dui was 2011 second was 2014 what will happen.
thats it
ahh.. To say that there's not enough information is an understatement. 2nd DUI? Did you kill someone? Just cause an...
If I had 3 OWIs, 2 in Ill. and 1 Ind. 2005,2006, last in 2009. Would the court order hair testing? The year is 2014
Trying to Reinstatement my Drivers License. Alcohol/Drugs Evaluation over the phone she will ask if I had Alcohol last OWI. Just one drink it over, I think. I did Qiut but its hard to prove. Hair testing very expentive. I,m scrared. I'm trying hard to get them back. What do you think?
I do not practice in your state, but I am originally from Indiana. It seems highly unlikely that the court would order...
How do some people get a way with DUIs while in their car with the keys in ignition? While others don't.
For example this cop who is a DUI enforcer himself gets a way with a DUI. While a person like myself who isn't in the car, who has his keys in his pocket and is far away from the car gets his first DUI. Just not sure how the justice system is working here. Here's the story about the cop and his DUI: http://www.wkrn.com/story/24535856/franklin-dui-officer-avoids-arrest-after-being-found-passed-out-in-car-at-bar Prior to my arrest I had a perfect driving record (12 years of driving at the time). I don't expect any answers to this question. I'm just stating the truth that cops themselves can get away with crimes that normal people would be arrested for.
The quality of your lawyer helps. Some of us are at 100% success on these kinds of cases