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How can a foreigner can fix a missing court for DUI from outside the country?
Hi there! Well here is what happened to me: I was arrested for DUI in Laplace LA back in 2008 and I paid my bail on the very same night so I was released then, lucky I had cash on me.. But I did not had a valid drivers license, I am from Brazil, they did gave me a court date but my ticket to come back to Brazil was already with me, so I've returned to my home country without going to this court. I have no other problems with the police, never been arrested before even here in my country. Now I'm still in Brazil since then and just now I have a job offer to Canada and I hear that they can arrest me at the airport because there is probably a warrant on me on the US. How can I fix this mess from here!! It is possible to go to the consulate of US in Brazil to fix it? Help me please! Thanks
I suggest speaking to your Immigration attorney - but my feeling is that Canada is not going to arrest you for a DUI in...
What is the usual outcome from a first offence OWI in Indiana (hamilton co.).... without having any other previous arrests?
Pulled over after a concert in traffic. Reason stated was I didn't use my turn signal, which I did. I was not belligerent. I felt fine to drive. Felt as if I passed all of the field tests (line walking, touching finger tips, etc.) After a breathalyzer, the officer said she had reason to believe I was intoxicated and stated she needed to take me to the jail for another (larger) breathalyzer... which showed I was over the legal limit.
It is always difficult to give an answer to this type of question in this forum. A lawyer would need more information...
Need a real experienced OVWI case, D felony who will fight back for me. I need a flat all inclusive rate. Thanks.
I already shown up to the court once.
There are several qualified criminal defense lawyers available for you to hire. It would be a good idea to look for...
I have a 10 year suspension dui on my drivers license. There is a new law where I can get it back, but not with a b.a.c. refusal
I did not refuse. I have the police report. In one paragraph in states my blood alcohol level and in the very next it states that I refused. This doesn't make sense. I have gone 4 1/2 years on my 10 year suspension and I no longer drink.
Do you have a question? You can ways seek a specialized driving privilege to get you mobile
I have a DUI 21 years ago and one 12 years ago can I get these expunged. Judged misdemeanors and all request fulfilled
No damage was done, no one hurt one read BAC.08 the other I believe was a 1.01
Expungement is a procedure governed by state law. I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed,...
How do i get a couple dui's exponged so i can get off the htv list
i have 3 DUI convictions,didnt have money for a lawyer at the time,so i had signed the plea agreements ,in turn i became a habitual traffic offender,i just wanted to know what to do???
Well n California they cannot be expunged, not sure in your state. Check with your local DMV
Is it possible to get another judge if I were to move to a different county?
I have been sentenced to 3 years of probation and a 3 year license suspension due to a DUI with an OWI prior. My judge is a stickler and Im trying to at least get unsupervised probation so I dont have to make trips in to the PO office. I cannot afford to get a hardship license and have no need for one since I live right by my work and he only allows you to use it for that purpose. Ive been on probation for 1 year now with no issues. So, my question here is, if I successfully get my case transferred to another state/county would I also be assigned a new judge if I ever wanted to go back in to get my license back early? If not how will I ever get my license back sooner than 2 more years? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed, the answer is no. Probation is a contract with a...